Tesla Supercharge Fueling Station Rates Surpassing Some Gas Station Fueling Rates

By  //  January 26, 2019

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(FOX BUSINESS) – As Tesla Opens a New Window. owner Chrystal Hovis sits at one of the electric carmaker’s “Supercharging stations” in the western suburbs of Chicago, she declares herself a convert.

“I love my Tesla,” she told FOX Business. “I’ll never go back to gas.”

Hovis, typing at a notebook computer resting on her lap during the 30-minute charging process, says she and her husband – both devoted Tesla owners – have saved more than $20,000 so far in charging vehicles since 2016, compared to what it would have cost to fill gas-powered Opens a New Window. cars.

But an article this week in Techspot raised questions about whether the math still favors would-be Tesla owners like Hovis. The electric-vehicle maker, headed by chief executive Elon Musk, announced a significant rise in its Supercharging station rates, just as gas prices have tumbled to near multi-year lows. Tesla has long touted the lower cost of charging as a selling point for its electric vehicles.

Since Oct. 10, the national average price for regular gas has fallen 23 percent to about $2.25 a gallon, according to consumer gas website Gasbuddy.com. The decline comes as Tesla also ends its referral program that provided free Supercharging to qualified buyers, something Hovis took advantage of. Going forward, all new Tesla owners will have to pay the higher rates at Supercharging stations.

Tesla’s revised Supercharger price comes to a national average of $0.28 per kWh, three cents lower than the initially planned $0.31, following an outcry by Tesla owners, energy technology website Electrek reported. Based on average prices, a fill-up and a charge are nearly equivalent in cost, running $27 and $28 respectively. (At $0.31, charging would have been $31.)


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