Driver’s Licenses Under Attack as Young People Give Up Driving

By  //  February 8, 2019

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Having a license or learning how to drive are happening less in the United States.

Having a license or learning how to drive are happening less in the United States. It sounds strange, especially because having a license used to excite teenagers. This card gave them a chance to be free, but that is no longer the case.

There are a number of reasons why some Americans are no longer worried about getting a driver’s license or even learning the skill.

Why are Some People Opting Out of Driving?

One reason people are driving less is simply that there are more sophisticated ridesharing smartphone applications available. These applications allow anyone to find a car owner who is willing to give a ride with the touch of a few buttons.

There are many of these applications available, making choosing one overwhelming, but there are sites like Rideshare Central simplifying things a bit.

There is no doubt that the convenience offered by the right ridesharing company is encouraging people to let go of driving, but it is not the only reason people are not learning to drive.

For example, there is a good chunk of millennials and younger generations who simply cannot afford the expenses that come along with car ownership.

There is maintenance, car payments, gas, and insurance just to name a few. Young generations have a lot to deal with, from the high cost of living to crippling student loan debt, which definitely makes these generations think twice about taking on the responsibility of owning a vehicle.

These are some of the reasons people no longer see the value in learning how to drive.

License Retention is Under Attack

A significant portion of young people are willingly to give up their ability to drive, but there is also another group of people who are simply losing their right to drive. Of course, people who have been caught driving under the influence lose their right to drive for a time, but there are some people who are losing their licenses for another reason: lack of money.

There is no perfect driver, meaning that mistakes happen while driving, and some of these mistakes could lead to traffic tickets.

Under normal circumstances, these traffic tickets are a mere nuisance that are usually taken care of with a payment and a few classes. This is no longer the case because many people are not able to pay their tickets, which leads to more problems that could lead to a license being revoked.

There are a lot of Americans in this predicament, and coming up with the cash to get a license back gets harder because fees add up.

Lack of money to pay traffic tickets is a problem that has to be fixed one way or another. The sad truth is that many Americans cannot handle an emergency that cost more than $500, and tickets can be quite high, not to mention all the fees linked to recuperating a car from the impound if it was taken away.

Are These Changes Bad?

Some of the changes surrounding car ownership might be okay. Car sharing companies are offering generations an opportunity to save money and use it elsewhere. These companies are also offering car owners an opportunity to make some extra cash on the side.

Keep in mind that ridesharing is only expanding, so there is no reason to fight some of these changes. Yes, it is true that some people are being negatively affected by ridesharing companies, such as taxi drivers, but progress always hurts parts of a society.

There is nothing stopping some of these individuals from working for these ridesharing companies where they can set their own schedules and work as long as they want.

It is impossible to predict what other changes ridesharing is going to bring to this society.

One change that people can expect though is self-driving vehicles, which is probably going to make rides even more affordable than ever before. These vehicles are still being tested, but it is clear that the future is ready to continue to revolutionize driving.

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