Five Creative Writing Trends That Everyone Hates

By  //  February 9, 2019

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The world of writers has different and various fields which include creative writing. Among all the other existing categories that fall under the writing structures, creative writing has been considered as one of the fields that require a great capability to explore and learn.

Some people think that it is quite easy as you only need to write your thoughts and there is no need to comply with the constant changes in society.

For such people, as long as they’ve properly expressed their thoughts and published a story that will either serve an entertainment or informative purposes, it is enough for them to pursue their passion and work onto the next concepts.

This is a great misconception that must be thoroughly cleared. First of all, if you are planning to start making creative contents, you must make sure that you already know the main reason why you are doing it.

For those who are planning to use this for a stable income, it is important to be aware that the life of creative writers does not always have a smooth start, and that everything is like shifting sands. If it is for financial purposes, then it is not the best choice for you.

Aside from the practicality and determining your main purpose of writing, it is also crucial to remind yourself that there will always be a constant change when it comes to creative writing styles. With these never-ending changes, you must know about the top creative writing styles and how the readers perceive them, although you may get some help from term paper writing service.

Usage of Special Victim Character

The first one on the list is the creation of a victimized character to emphasize the role of the lead characters. Some writers tend to belittle these types of roles and they see them as a small piece that will complete the whole puzzle.

Although it may be true, the usage of it somehow triggers the annoyance of the readers, resulting in constructive criticisms. Therefore, the most advisable solution for this is to properly use the special victim characters.

There are some cases where the author does not establish strong and more detailed information about the victim character, making it obvious that it is only set as a bridge for the story to be completed.

By doing these, readers will perceive it as a predictable one and this is not a good feedback, most especially for the novices who do not have enough experience when it comes to criticisms.

Give them enough background story that will the curiosity of the readers and will provide justice to the overall theme of the story. Let the readers see that each character, be it a minor or a major, has their own purpose and their existence does not only rely on the decisions of the lead characters.

Increasingly Personalized Customer-Centric Content

As stated earlier, the rapid social changes in this generation has brought a lot of progress. For this reason, creative contents are being mostly used for commercial purposes.

This is a trend and a fact that we cannot simply avoid. It is natural for the publishing companies to enhance their financial marketing strategies and in doing so, it somehow affects the primary goal and objective of the author. There are instances where the author would be forcibly required to produce contents that will substantially reflect the opinions and demands of the targeted audience.

The author will not have full control over his/her own work. Ironically, you’ve got a weak hold onto something that is supposedly yours.

It is like you do not have the rights to input your own ideas because they are being clouded by the desires of the audience. It may do the customers a favor but there will always be readers who want a genuine and original content. They want to know more about the thoughts and visions of the author rather than reading a compilation of customers’ requests.

Mistaken Usage of Cliche Details

The cliché aspects of content is an inevitable phase. It can be used to attract the audience but in order to fully captivate their attention, it must be used in the right manner.

This technique is traditionally used by many authors. They input the norms to create relatable aspects and connect with the audience. From these norms, they tend to put their own approach on it to make it unique and refreshing.

There will always be similar themes and plots and it will only differ based on how the author will tell the story and how the message will be delivered.

In every creative content, it is highly important to consider the flow of the story because it will define your skills and capability as a writer. Keep in mind that only the successful ones will make the readers run through each page even if the clichés are being laid down on the story.

If you are using a cliché detail such as a damsel in distress transformation, you must still let the readers wonder if the transformation will happen the way they want it to be. There must still be some suspense and thrill.

Confusing and Chaotic Perspectives

In storytelling, it is quite common for the authors to create a various point of views of the characters. The main reason for this is to let the readers acknowledge the truth or the story behind their actions and decisions.

Although it is wise to add different perspectives, it might still become confusing for the readers. Particularly, if the transition is all over the place and unstable. If it is a consecutive change of point of view, then the reader may not entirely understand the whole story.

There are books which are consists of few divisions to tell the perspective of each character. This will allow them to explore the minds and visions of the characters which may help the story to become clearer and logical. Take it one at a time and do not include many points of views in one place. They must be divided equally and rationally.

Imbalance Between Narrations and Dialogues

In part with drawing a line between each perspective, the proper division between descriptive segments and conversations must also be reasonably separated.

Unlike the old styles, placing a long narration before the dialogue starts is a trend in this generation. To avoid the confusion, the author sums up every detail before the conversation. Hence, it will be easier to read and comprehend the whole scene.

However, this can also be a bad thing for some readers for they might think that the narration is unnecessarily long. They might not be able to read the whole content. Therefore, there is a need to balance them. You can follow this trend but make sure to divide them right and be consistent with the flow of the story.


With the list stated above, it is indeed vital for the writers, authors and publishing companies to keep up with the simultaneous changes in literature. Do not think that the work that you’ve completed a few years ago will still be a good one this year.

As technology advances and develops, writing trends also change. Throughout the years, the perspective of the audience and their demands are gradually elevating and it is because of the influences that the society implied onto us.

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