Top Places to See in Bikaner, City is Famous for Rich Cultural Heritage and Great Warriors

By  //  February 27, 2019

Bikaner is located in the northern side of Rajasthan and amidst those dunes scattered all around. The origin of the city can be traced back to 1488 when it was founded by Rao Bikaji, a Rathore prince.

Bikaner is located in the northern side of Rajasthan and amidst those dunes scattered all around. The origin of the city can be traced back to 1488 when it was founded by Rao Bikaji, a Rathore prince.

One can still feel the opulence of the city through its magnificent palaces, stunning temples, and impressive forts.

The city is famous for its rich cultural heritage and great warriors.

The colorful and vibrant city of Bikaner offers a plethora of exciting places and exciting spots for visitors. It always has been a favorite with vacationers from all over the world.

Browse more to learn about the amazing city and its marvelous attractions. Take advantage of Bikaner tour packages to visit some of the most prominent places.

All kinds of visitors and tourists arrive in Bikaner. Depending on what you want to do and see one can customize their tour to Bikaner.

Here are some of the must-see spots in Bikaner:

  • The impressive Junagarh Fort– Junagarh Fort was constructed by Raja Rai Singh in 1593. If you look at the architecture, it carries a blend of Mughal, Gujarati and Rajput style. The fort complex comprises of galleries, lawns, temples, and palaces. One place that draws the attention of all is the Zenana quarters, because of the flawless designing and creative skills. Some other highlights of the Junagarh Fort include Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Karan Mahal, and Phool Mahal. It is surely one of the most Instagram worthy spots in Bikaner.
  • The exemplary wildlife at Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary- Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of several animals like Chinkara, neelgai, wild boar, and much more.  It is must visit site for all those who love wildlife. The vast wildlife reserve preserves a wide variety of rich flora and fauna as well as is home to some unique animals. Enjoy Jeep safaris and camel safaris within the sanctuary and look out for deer, wild boars, Indian hares, antelopes, deer, bulls and much more.
  • The majestic Lalgarh Palace and Museum – The architectural marvel was commissioned by Maharaja Ganga Singh, who ordered the construction of this Lalgarh Palace in 1902 in the remembrance of his father, Maharaja Lal Singh. The palace shows a blend of Rajputana, Islamic and European style of architecture and with extravagant designs. Today, the palace operates as a hotel.
  • Interesting development at National Research Centre on Camel – National Research Centre is a breeding nursery of camels., Here you will come across hundreds of camels with different and distinct breeds. Tourists can enjoy looking at the camels or taking camel rides. They can visit the camel museum to learn more about the research on the camels and the desert ecosystem. Highlights include camel riding, safari, and a special attraction is Camel milk parlor where you can enjoy ice-cream, hot and cold beverages prepared from camel milk.
  • The visual delight of Rampuriya Haveli – Bikaner is well famous for its noble houses complete with intricate carvings and finely detailed jharokhas. Rampuriya Haveli is an excellent example of the delicate understanding of aesthetics and looks stunningly beautiful. It is a must to visit the Haveli that took many years to build. One can feel the beauty and majesty and every effort put in those small details. It is indeed a brilliant piece of architecture.
  • Spirituality and symbolism at Karni Mata Temple– One of the most famous spots in Bikaner, Karni Mata Temple dates back to 15th century. The temple is devoted to Karni Mata, and it is also known as Nari Mata Temple. What is unique about the temple is not its location or architecture, but those thousands of black rats that are worshipped here. The temple is indeed a very popular tourist spot amongst Maa Durga devotees. People from all across the country and world come here to pay respects to these holy rats which are also known as kabbas.
  • The royal crematorium Devi Kund – Located on the outskirts of Bikaner, Devi Kund is the royal crematorium. Devi Kund enjoys a prominent position here, and the reservoir carries royal cenotaphs of rulers of Bikaner dynasty on either side. Each of those cenotaphs is located on the exact spot where the Bikaji ruler was cremated. Another highlight is the cenotaphs of 22 female members from the royal family who committed Sati.
  • Churu, the getaway to the desert – Churu is the gateway to the Thar Desert, and it is must to visit this ancient but impressive city. It is home to some fine temples and grand havelis that are an exemplary of Shekhawati architecture.  You will be impressed by the cultural richness of the ancient that has still not lost its touch with the past. Those ancient forts and monuments reflect the grandeur of the past. It is a must for the history buffs to explore Churu and the history of the region. Tal Chhappar Sanctuary is an added attraction.
  • Khimsar and Salasar – Located at a distance of about two hours’ form Bikaner, it is a must to visit these interesting locations. Khimsar is located in the Thar desert and is just perfect for desert safari and camping. Another important attraction here is the Khimsar Fort. Salasar is an important pilgrimage site and was the home of Salasar Balaji. It boasts of many famous temples like Rani Sati Temple and Khatushyamji Temple.

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