What Is OHS Software and How Do You Best Implement It?

By  //  February 16, 2019

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Occupational health and safety program is not only popular but also an increasingly significant organization-wide function that has tangible business benefits.

Picture this: About 3 million people die each year from work-related illnesses and injuries. According to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), about 2.78 million people succumb to occupational health and safety related issues. That is a shocking 7,600 people per day.

With the recent occupational health and safety management fails involving the 2013 Savar building fire in Bangladesh as well as the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, many of the life-loss cases, environmental degradation, and resulting injuries could have potentially been prevented.

So what exactly is an OHS software and how do you implement it?

What is OHS software?

Aptly referred to as an occupational health and safety program, OHS is solely designed to alleviate occupational diseases and even put a stop to accidents in the workplace.

It helps companies ensure health and safety compliance, improves workers’ safety and even saves a company unnecessary costs in terms of compensation for work-related injuries and breaching of OHS regulations (which is a costly affair to any organization).

Occupational health and safety management program remain the same over the decades. However, it is costly not to progressively evolve an OHS program to reflect current advances in technology in either large and small businesses or organizations. In fact, it is detrimental hence a necessary process.

How to implement the OHS software in easy steps

Implementing this software marks the journey to improving a company’s management and streamlining its operations in general.

The OHS software will help collaborations with other people sometimes even assist you in managing assets. To reach the above goals while using the OHS software, you need to make implementation feel more manageable. How?

  • Find the right OHS software

Put it another way, you’ll need to first research more about the software. Will it meet the company’s unique needs? Is it user-friendly? How flexible is it to use? As you research, you must also look out for features that make the software user-friendly, effective and manageable.

So, assess its capability, components required for mobile access, the tracking of various tasks and flexibility in reporting and investigations needs.

  • Gain commitment from senior management

Found the right orgies software that meets the needs and even exceeds your organization’s expectations, the next step is to gain commitment from senior management. OHS software needs to prove effective. So ensure senior management employ its use to monitor the going on in the company. Integrating the software in an organization proves best if it starts from the top.

  • Purchase and install the OHS software

Once senior management has employed the software’s use, and approved its use, it is time to purchase and install the software. Make sure to have the software integrated into mobile devices for ease of use in the field or assessing incidences.

Make sure to have everyone connected and linked up to the software. This will help sharing information efficient why keeping everything in one central place. It is easier for an organization to be OHS compliant when an OHS software monitors the progress of key indicators.

  • Get yourself trained

To comfortably use the OHS software, familiarize yourself with the program. Make sure to train yourself and answer questions to make using the software simple in the long run.

  • Train the rest of the staff

Don’t just train itself but also acquire in-depth knowledge about the OHS software then train the rest of your staff on how to best use it. Train them on how to explore the software’s full capabilities including generating reports quickly, communication ease, and many other features.

Acquiring OHS software might seem an insurmountable process, but when you learn its benefit and what it brings to the table you have no doubt but to employ its use.

For instance, you are certain it will help you become OHS compliant, regardless of how the regulations will change over time. It will also help you assign and track tasks and enhance overall performance. That means it will help you solve all your governance issues in your organization in the long run.