11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills for IELTS

By  //  April 3, 2019

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IELTS exam might seem difficult. Thinking about all its parts might overwhelm you. But, it is not as hard as it looks. By exercising and taking into account a few tips and tricks, you can rock it!

IELTS exam might seem difficult. Thinking about all its parts might overwhelm you. But, it is not as hard as it looks. By exercising and taking into account a few tips and tricks, you can rock it!

It is well-known that IELTS evaluates all the dimensions of the English language. It is also required for admission at UK universities. This exam will be though and will test your English skills.

You might consider that writing is the most difficult part of the exam. Actually, it is easier than it seems. Let’s see some ways to improve your writing skills for IELTS. And if you are a student, it will prove to be useful information when you will work on your assignments.

Practice Makes Perfect

As simple as it is. You cannot expect to take the best score at writing since you have not written an essay in the last few months.

No one says that you are not ready, but it takes a little time polishing these skills. Write something every day. There are a lot of workbooks that offer you a wide range of exam subjects.

Pay Attention to the Instructions

The first and easier step is to approach things with calm. Read carefully the instructions. You will see that the IELTS exam has two parts in the writing section.

The first part asks you to describe and explain the information available on a graph, infographic, chart or diagram. Analyze carefully the information provided and be sure that you cover all it all.

The second part puts your analytical skills to test. You are given a statement. Then, you must write an essay where you support a point of view.

It is true that the General exam is easier than the Academic one, but with a little bit of attention, you can nail it.

Make an Outline

A lot of students argue that 60 minutes are too few to have time for outlines. This is panic, which is speaking. Relax and take it easy. Analyze the requirements.

Think about ideas to develop in your essay. If you write some short ideas, it will be easier to concentrate on the words, grammar, and spelling.

An outline will always be helpful. It is like half of the work is already done.

Apply the KISS Principle

Have you ever heard about KISS Principle? It stands for Keep It Short and Simple. This is what you should do when you will write your essay.

Remember that this exam is not testing your level of general knowledge. It does not test how much information you have on the topic.

Of course, this does not mean that your ideas shouldn’t be on point. Rather it is about your ability to sending clear information. It is about your ability to adapting and communicating what you think and feel.

Improve Your Vocabulary

What is important is to focus on language. The first part requires 150 words, while the second 250 words. These numbers might seem scary at first.

But you can do it! It is important to develop your vocabulary and describe the best you can your opinions.

Remember that you will get points for complex sentences. As well as for using a strong vocabulary. Make it sound naturally and accurately.

But how to improve your vocabulary? Start reading books, newspapers or studies from trustful sources.

Watch your favorite tv series without subtitles. Make exercises and start writing custom essays. You will see how easy will be to write an essay of 250 words.

Learn English Idioms

Like we said before, you need to focus on the vocabulary and your way of expressing your thoughts. Of course, your message should be straight and clear. But, you also need to form a complex sentence structure, since you will receive points depending on their complexity.

You may find yourself in the situation when basic English words are not enough to express your complex point of view.

You can start learning new words and idioms every day. Those workbooks offer you the help needed. You can find them online at an affordable price.

There are a lot of exercises which test your learning skills as well as the grammar and spelling ones. It is important to learn new words and idioms every day.

Learning idioms is so important. You will see that some phrases cannot be formed using basic words because the meaning of your message will be lost on the way.

Use Linking Adverbs

What you need to keep in mind is the fact that you need to form complex sentences. Do not write a text with short stories. You need to send deeper messages and a period prevents you from doing so.

Start learning and using linking adverbs and transition words.

Here is a table that shows you the most used adverbs and linking words, along with the best moment to use them:

Support Your Opinion

The Writing Task 2 must be completed within 40 minutes hour time. So, if you have the outline should be easier to express your opinion about a statement.

What is important is to always keep in mind that it is your opinion that is asked. So, use keywords that show and support your opinion.

You could use phrases like: in my opinion, I strongly believe that, In my view or From my point of view. These phrases put an emphasis on what you are thinking and help you back up your points of view.

Always Proofread Your Essay

With this limited amount of time, it might seem hard to find time for proofreading. Maybe you will be anxious. But, if you start writing an essay per day, you will see that the exam will be smoother.

And also at home, you can miss some spelling or grammar mistakes. But, the good news is that you can find online an essay writing service.

A writer can help you with proofreading and editing your essay according to the IELTS requirements. Like this, you will have some essay models that will help you write the best paper at the exam.

Do Your Research, But Do Not Plagiarize

We are all aware that we all need inspiration and creativity. There are some exercises which can help you increase your level of creativity.

But also reading a lot of books, stories, magazines or blog articles can increase your level of creativity and develop your imagination.

The most important thing is to avoid plagiarism. You might be tempted to borrow some ideas, but be sure that whoever is reading your essay will find out. And why lose some points?

It is in our human nature to fear what we do not know. IELTS exam might seem like an unknown territory to most of us. And the writing test even more terrifying. But there are a lot of ways to cure this fear.

Practice makes it perfect. It is that simple. Start reading books, magazines or newspapers from trusted sources to improve your vocabulary. You find a lot of good writing examples free on the internet.

Learn English idioms with the help of IELTS workbook. Learn how to control your nervousness and how to use it to your advantage. Make an outline and transcript your ideas in a more complex way.

Remember that complex sentence structures are getting more points. Use linking adverbs to support your points of view.

Never lose track of time, nor of the number of words written. With some exercises, IELTS exam might prove to be even easier than you expected.

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