Four Rules to Make Your Research Paper Look Like Academic Masterpiece

By  //  April 13, 2019

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Developing a research paper is quite tasking than high school essay, but simpler than writing a term paper, thesis, or dissertation. Research writing requires more time, and your work should be facts-based supported by relevant sources and examples.

Developing a research paper is quite tasking than high school essay, but simpler than writing a term paper, thesis, or dissertation. Research writing requires more time, and your work should be facts-based supported by relevant sources and examples.

Tutors often assign this work to trigger critical thinking as well to test your ability to incorporate what you have learned in class.

To write a masterpiece essay, it is always advisable to start working on it early and avoid the last minute rush. However, there are some circumstances where you run out of time genuinely while working on other assignments.

You can still secure good grades when you decide to buy research paper. But you can’t always depend on pay for research essay services all the time since you will have to work on the final essay on your own. Thus, it is always advisable to equip yourself with the necessary information.

Here are the rules that will help you come up with an academic masterpiece:

  • Thesis for Your Research Paper

This is the supporting statement that outlines the main point of your research paper. It gives the reader an idea of your position and the reason for carrying out the research. Here is an example of a thesis statement format.

“This paper is about (the topic), and the research aims at (highlight the focus of your paper). Ideally, it is advisable to write your thesis statement as the last statement in your introduction. Some experts also recommend rewriting the thesis as the first statement of your conclusion and support how the paper has met your focus.

  • Sources

A masterpiece essay should have quality sources to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information. Make sure the sources are relevant, and they should not be dated more than five years ago. There are cases where your tutor can specify the type of sources to use.

For example, he might require peer-reviews articles or journals. Make sure you carefully read the instructions. You can also use books, website among other materials, just make sure they are not outdated.

  • Structure

The structure of your essay should be easy to follow and should ensure that the reader can point out the main ideas. Your work should definitely start with an introduction which is followed by the body. In the body, the first paragraphs should feature the most important concepts.

However, you should discuss one point at a time. And each main point should have supporting statements.  A masterpiece research paper includes logically discussed and organized ideas with supporting data and discussions.

Recommendable Basic Structure Should Feature:

Title and Authors

You should include the title as well as your name. You should also include the corresponding author’s name which is your supervisor’s name


This is a summary or synopsis of your paper. It features a 200 words maximum summary of your introduction, objectives, methods, results, and conclusion.

Table of Contents

A list of chapters and sections of the custom paper


This section highlights the main points of the paper and the reason for the research. It gives the reader an idea of what to expect and the background of the work. It should capture the reader’s attention and should also include a catchy thesis statement.


It describes the key research strategy used. You should also include the research’s setting and context, the study design, population, sampling strategy, research variables, data collection techniques and analysis methods used.


These include an outline of the data collected and the statics as well as the final results. You might also need to include graphs and figures to illustrate the results. Make sure your figures are clear, and the data is easy to understand.

Discussion and Recommendations

This is a crucial section of the essay since it summarizes the entire work and provides an explanation of the findings. It provides an insight into whether the findings are in line with the existing theories.

It outlines whether the findings answered the research questions. It is important to note that there is always room for improvement in any research. Thus, you should remember to provide a recommendation for future research


Start by restating your thesis statement then go ahead and sum up the results of your research in details. It should also include an analysis of your work findings


Include all the journals, book, or other sources used in your work.

  • Edit Your Paper

Redundant statements, repeated phrases, and grammatical errors are some of the mistakes that will lower your score even with a fact-based and thoroughly researched papers.  It is therefore paramount that you read through your essay to ensure that you have not repeated some points as well as correct any grammatical errors.

You can run your work though spell checker or grammar checker tools to help edit some errors you might have missed. Recheck the paragraphs and ensure that there is a good transition from one idea to another.  Make sure that all the references are in-text cited where relevant.