How to Be a Best-Dressed College Freshman

By  //  April 27, 2019

College is a critical phase in one’s life. Here’s all you lasses need to know about how you should dress in college.

College is a critical phase in one’s life. Here’s all you lasses need to know about how you should dress in college.

College dressing is something very important, especially for girls. Children are growing, and they are concerned about what impression they make on their surroundings. There are many ways to choose stylish attire for college, and we’re ready to share some tips on how not to look boring.

Outfit for Class

is flexible. It’s your choice on how to dress in college. You may wear anything and still look good simply because you’re young and fresh. However, certain rules still exist. First of all, you should understand that outfit for class, student party or exam is different.

For everyday classes, you may wear a pair of ripped jeans or black leggings with a white shirt or a colorful t-shirt depending on your taste. Chequered and striped prints are welcome this season.

A cardigan with an artificial leather rucksack (mind Greenpeace!) will add spontaneity to this look. By wearing glasses even if your vision is perfect, you can make a good impression on teachers – this is one more clever trick for you.

Chic & Bohemian

Spring is here and more sunny days inspire us to wear short dresses with bright prints. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Playful accessories will add chic to your look, but don’t try too hard because your prof may not understand this. A nice pair of ballet flat will make this outfit complete. At the same time, you will feel comfortable wherever you need to go.

Classics & Basics

If you’re a very serious person and you can’t think about anything but studies, choose this severe outfit. Even if a skirt is short, no one even thinks to smile at you. This will help tune for the process of studying or writing a college essay.

Classy & Sporty

Sports style is quite popular among students. To make the look less sportive you may add a sweater or a cardigan. Striped t-shirt and gym-shoes will add dynamics to your image. Black ripped leggings, t-shirt and cardigan are the base clothes you can easily blend with other things in your wardrobe.

Simple & Minimalistic

Sometimes you don’t need to draw too much attention. In this case, your minimalistic outfit will do this job. Simple doesn’t mean mediocre. It can look very stylish and classy as well. If you’re going to a library to write essays, just wear your skinny jeans combined with a simple grey t-shirt to stay unnoticed. Otherwise, you’re at risk of being invited to the party and failure to submit your paper on time!

Stylish & Trendy

If simple clothing is not for you, choose this outfit to stand out. The main trend of this season suits. Short-cut trousers and oversize jacket will make you look gorgeous but still modest enough for college class format. Definitely, the suit is one of the best college student outfits this year!

Party Outfit

Leaving shoulders uncovered is another breathtaking trend in college student style. If combined with a short striped skirt and big round earrings, it can make a perfect look for a student party. Girls will envy you while boys will definitely ask you for a dance. Dancing the whole night is something unavoidable in this outfit!

Romantic & Vulnerable

College is the time when the majority of people meet their first love or find love of all their lives. Undoubtedly, you will go for dating many times. This romantic look is the perfect fit for your first college date: deep-blue blouse with flounces, white skinny jeans and high hills will win the heart of your boyfriend.

Outfit for College Interview

Colleges strive to choose the best students. Therefore, you will need to make a good impression on the committee.

By dressing modestly, you will increase your chances to be accepted to a college of your dream. A white shirt, light blue trousers, sneakers, and a beige trench will make a lasting impression on the committee members.

All Denim for College Tour

Full denim outfit looks nifty. Different shades of denim can be effectively combined and make a good match. Dark-blue jeans and a light-blue shirt is a good choice for a college tour. You can also use these clothing for a picnic or a baseball game. There are many examples of snazzy looks on the internet.  

Fashionable Look

Knowledge is all you need if you know how to dress in college properly. The way you dress indicates your personality. This outfit is for dress lovers. An elegant look based on denim dress matched with a jacket having colorful print can make you feel better in the morning even if you don’t want to go to college.

Nice Fall Outfit

Is it nasty and cold outside? It’s not a problem if you have a large scarf with a trendy chequered print that can make an awesome ensemble with a simple short dress and high boots. You will never feel cold in this outfit, but still, stay elegant.

Casual & Cozy  

If you don’t want to think about what to wear today, just put your skinny jeans and a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are in trend now. So, you will feel cozy and trendy at the same time. Add a knit cap and a simple scarf to finish the look if it’s cold outside. Now you’re ready to absorb knowledge!

Shorts for Summer

Shorts are irreplaceable in summer. You can combine them either with high hills or with sneakers – both options are wonderful. Put a sleeveless shirt on during the day or add cardigan if it’s still cold in the evening.

Now you’re fully armed to become the trendiest freshman in the college. Use these ideas to look stunning every day. These tips will help you to reach this goal, but don’t forget that the main purpose of your staying in college is studying well and producing good results.

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