How to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

By  //  May 23, 2019

Those who have embarked on the weight loss journey understand how difficult working with a conventional diet gets. Eat less and move more as a mantra is not helpful to everyone either.

Those who have embarked on the weight loss journey understand how difficult working with a conventional diet gets. Eat less and move more as a mantra is not helpful to everyone either.

Research has shown that exercise causes you to feel hungry so you will tend to eat more.

Some people continue to indulge junk food even further because they feel they have a calorie deficit after every session.

In other instances, you may overestimate the calories you spent. Consequently, you will overcompensate for your training by eating large portions that what you really need.

While going to the gym might get you that svelte appearance, it will not reduce your waistline as effectively as your diet. Here are a few tips on how to lose weight without going to the gym.

Slow Down and Chew Thoroughly 

The human brain usually needs some time to figure out that you are full. So, chewing through your food as thoroughly as possible is one way to go through your food slowly. That way, you will have a small portion enough for your bodily needs.

The rate at which you get through your plate influence your weight gain. A study has shown that people who eat fast are at risk of gaining weight at a faster rate than slow chewers gain. If you are a fast eater, you are also likely to become obese.

If you want to slow down your chewing, it would be a good idea to start counting the number of times your chew through your bite.

Eat Enough Proteins

Proteins have a huge effect on your appetite. They can cause you to feel full and reduce the feeling of hunger causing you to consume fewer calories. This is because proteins influence the hormones responsible for fullness and hunger, including GLP-1 and ghrelin.

A study has shown that increasing your protein intake 15 percent can help to fewer calories each day and you are likely to lose up to 11 lbs. within a period of 3 months. If your current breakfast consists of grains, consider moving to a protein-rich diet like eggs. 

Keep Unhealthy Food Out of Sight

Keeping junk food in plain sight may cause you to have cravings and feel hungry more often.  As a result, you will find yourself eating more, which will lead to weight gain.

Research findings have shown that high calories foods stored in plain sight can cause you to gain more weight compared to someone who keeps fruits in plain sight.

So, keep those unhealthy foods away and replace them with healthy foods on the countertop or your fridge. 

Include Fiber Rich Foods in your Diet

Fiber-rich meals rise your satiety and keep you full for a long time. A study has shown that viscous fiber is helpful if you are looking to lose weight.  It causes you to feel full, which reduces your dietary intake.

Viscous fiber turns into a gel when exposed to water. It is known to increase the absorption of nutrients by slowing down the evacuation of your stomach contents.

Plant-based foods have a lot of fiber and examples include flax seeds, oranges, Brussels sprout, cereals, and beans. You will also find a lot of viscous fiber in glucomannan.

Drink Water Regularly

Taking plenty of water not only helps you eat less, but you also get to lose weight, especially if you take a few glasses before mealtime. A study showed that 17 ounces of water half an hour before mealtime can reduce hunger.

If you substitute calorie-rich drinks like juice and soda with a glass of water, the effect is even greater.

Weight Management Therapy

If your weight loss program is not working as effectively as you would like, the culprit could be a hormonal imbalance. Most middle-aged women tend to blame their weight gain on a deficiency of estrogen.

If anything, the problem may result from estrogen dominance. You will gain weight if your testosterone levels are low and cannot counter estrogen levels.

If you are not sure how to lose weight without going to the gym, the solution is hgh. The hgh cycle length that is the length of time you will be under hgh treatment differs from person to person. If you still want to find out, your doctor will be able to help you with questions on hgh cycle length.

In your case, hgh cycle length might take a longer or shorter time, but it would help to be patient and be sure to visit your doctor for regular checkup and progress reports.

Wrap Up

Keeping your weight in check is a tough business that requires a lot of work. Some people prefer to hit the gym and work very hard. However, it is worth noting that hitting the gym is not the only way to stay in good shape. Try the tips we have listed lose weight the easy way.

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