Reasons Behind Microsoft Certification Revamp, Examsnap is Important Preparation Tool

By  //  May 31, 2019

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As change is the only constant thing in this world, so are Microsoft certifications and its role in the global IT market. Recently, Microsoft welcomes a new certification path by offering a series of role-based credentials.

As change is the only constant thing in this world, so are Microsoft certifications and its role in the global IT market. Recently, Microsoft welcomes a new certification path by offering a series of role-based credentials.

This move created an impact on both businesses and professionals, who are hiring and utilizing different Microsoft certification exams.

But what are the main reasons for this predominant change by one of the world’s most popular IT corporations? Let’s have a detailed list as to why Microsoft is taking the role-based certification path and how a specific website can aid you in your constant conquest for career advancement.

Keeping up with the changes―globally

We can’t deny the fact that IT is one of the industries highly affected by all the changes globally. Well, it’s greatly fathomable because the IT sector vastly pioneers most of these changes.

With the release of Microsoft role-based certifications, some people may have raised eyebrows about this kind of overhaul, especially the administrators.

This overhaul, however, isn’t new at all for Microsoft. They are one of the many top-rated corporations who always ensure to keep pace with the latest updates and technologies to their customers. And this upgrade is part of their massive acknowledgment of the Azure features and services.

In recent years, more and more businesses are moving into the cloud architecture. It’s because cloud is quite more flexible in terms of variety of system access, which both features security and scalability. As a result, Microsoft has to revamp their certification path to hang onto the non-stop changes in the industry.

Targeting individuals to specific job roles

These new certification paths create a more realistic approach compared to traditional certification route that caters to a broader audience and larger coverage.

For years, some people have a hard time choosing what they really want to pursue because of the extensive range of Microsoft certifications―that are sometimes vague enough to decode. But with the move to role-based certifications, then it would be much easier to target individuals to definite job positions.


Instead of a variety of general Microsoft Azure subjects, Microsoft now provides a specific career path for a particular Azure-skilled professional.  This means that professionals have to put their focus more on skills rather than knowledge. Role-based credentials allow candidates to not just validate their comprehension alone.

It should be a two-way process, wherein they need to put on their knowledge into test through specific job functions. Hence, all these changes in Microsoft certification are formulated to keep up with the changes in the IT sector as a whole.

Retiring the old Microsoft Azure exams

And in line with the birth of role-based certifications is the retirement of most Microsoft Azure exams. Some of the first Microsoft certification paths that were pensioned off were MCSA Cloud Platform and MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

To replace the retired certifications, Microsoft welcomes a new breed of role-based jobs. They started with six significant job roles, including Azure Developer, Azure Administrator, Azure DevOps Engineer, Azure, Developer, Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator, and Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator.

These introductory job functions are just the beginning to a more extensive array of role-based credentials. So, these changes are definitely something to look forward to the coming years.

Filling in the rising demand of Azure-skilled professionals    

With this kind of certification targeting, Microsoft can now fill in the rising demand of organizations, eyeing for people with skills in cloud architecture. Getting Microsoft certified, however, is like before. You need to complete and pass its corresponding certification exams.

These exams are now upgraded to keep up with the shifting tools and technologies across multiple platforms. 

Examsnap as certification exam tool

First things first, choose your certification path based on your preferred job role. Once you are fully decided, then you can start preparing for the exam through a series of study materials.

If you’re unsure where to start, then Examsnap is an ideal platform. At Examsnap, they make sure to equip professionals with all the valuable tools they need, from study guides to training courses to braindumps. These study resources are meant to reignite your skills and support you in whatever career you take within the ever-evolving industry.

Moreover, Examsnap offers you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills while training the files on the ETE Exam Simulator. The braindumps offered by Examsnap are very useful to build your confidence as well as uncover areas that need improvement.

Further, there are also other references to take advantage of, including instructor-led video courses, useful articles, and books from Microsoft.

Often than not, most Microsoft certification exams require around three hours of your time, with a series of 40 to 60 questions to answer. And since these are already job-role credentials, then expect for hands-on exams along with active screen scenarios, case studies, and the like.

These types of test are created to convey the real-world setting, where your skills will be put into action. Compared to previous certification exams, you can now smoothly establish your proficiency through performance-based testing.


When venturing into the field of IT, you must take into account your professional goal. What do you want in the future? What career sparks interest to your intellectual proficiency? What job role do you see yourself 5 years from now?

And with Microsoft’s revamp of certification paths, it would be easier to answer these questions. The role-based certifications are designed to assist you with your career choices in relation to today’s changing industry and requirements.

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