Dr. Garrett Wirth: The Stigma Around Plastic Surgery Still Exists

By  //  July 12, 2019

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Dr. Garrett Wirth has been a practicing Plastic Surgeon for well over a decade and he currently runs a private practice in Newport Beach, California.

Dr. Garrett Wirth has been a practicing Plastic Surgeon for well over a decade and he currently runs a private practice in Newport Beach, California.

His work has been highly regarded by the wider medical community through his work, education and publications.

Despite techniques having come a long way in the last few decades and the fact that plastic surgery has become more normalized, according to Dr. Garrett Wirth, “the stigma around plastic surgery still exists.”

When some people think about plastic surgery, they often imagine the worst-case instances, extreme transformations with very unflattering results. Others may just dismiss the idea as simply a vanity pursuit, something for ”other people” trying desperately to conform to societal ideals of beauty.

The word ‘plastic’ has itself conjured up the notion of ridiculously over-sized breast implants or unnatural looking faces, lacking all expression according to many people that have discussed this with Dr. Wirth over the years. However, plastic surgery has become more common than you might think.

The best cosmetic work is that which is more subtle, enhancing natural features that already exist and providing more self-confidence to the individual. Reconstructive surgery is also commonly carried out on people who may have been disfigured in an accident or due to illness or on those who have been born with a deformity.

A key component that Dr. Wirth highlights is that we are a specialty that does cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. 

“Many people just don’t understand that Board Certified Plastic Surgeons do work in Microsurgery, Burn, hand, congenital defects, and more as well as the better-known cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Wirth. 

Also, there has been some confusion created around proper Board Certification which Dr. Wirth tries to educate those interested as he feels it can make a very large difference in outcomes.  For more information, please see his blog at https://www.wirthplasticsurgery.com/blog/category/plastic-vs-cosmetic-surgeon/

It is often the reconstructive patients that are forgotten by the critics and naysayers of plastic surgery. Breast cancer survivors, for example, undergo long and arduous treatment programs that take a great toll on the body.

In a lot of cases, a partial or total mastectomy is the necessary course of action and the procedure often leaves the patient feeling disfigured which can have a devastating effect on their self-esteem and mental health. Breast reconstructions for patients such as these can prove to be completely life-changing.

The goal isn’t to compete with busty pin-ups, but rather to reconstruct natural looking breasts and return a sense of normality to the patients, boosting their self-confidence and allowing them to get on with their lives post-cancer.

Dr. Garrett Wirth has co-invented an innovative technology called FlexHD® PliableMAX™, which was designed with these patients of breast reconstructive procedures in mind. FlexHD® PliableMAX™, also known as the ‘internal bra’, can achieve a more natural looking breast and prevent any future sagging that is usually associated with the previous more conventional methods.

The procedure has been successfully carried out by Dr. Wirth for nearly fifteen years with more surgeons adopting the technique in their own practices. Dr. Wirth’s goal is to “restore a sense of feminine wholeness and rehabilitation.”

Of course, there are plenty of instances of surgeries still carried out solely for cosmetic purposes, whether it be to increase breast size, reshape a nose or to appear a little younger, as examples.

Body image is an important factor in your mental health, and if the surgeries are carried out by experienced medical professionals who can consult with patients and advise on the most responsible course of action then why is it still considered to be an issue? Dr. Wirth often says that his goal is to “help people see on the outside, how they feel and see themselves on the inside.”

In today’s society, Dr. Wirth understands the pressure so many feel to look and feel their best.  With social media pushing the boundaries further each minute of every day, many people may feel compelled to pursue changes in their looks. 

“Do your homework,” says Dr. Wirth.  He recommends you work with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons like himself, meet for as many consultations as needed to fully understand the risks, benefits, alternatives and expected outcomes of any intervention, and proceed only for the right reasons. 

Only proceed with interventions for yourself… not because someone wants you to do it.  Be realistic in your goals and try to avoid “fads” or “trends” that you may regret in the future. 

Dr. Wirth works to achieve results that are “timeless and elegant” both in reconstruction and cosmetic procedures.  This is done with careful communication and consultation as well as education provided in his concierge practice at Wirth Plastic Surgery.  Achieving these results will help remove the stigma around plastic surgery, but, more importantly, will help people. 

For more information, visit his website at www.wirthplasticsurgery.com

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