How to Be Stylish for Summertime Events

By  //  July 9, 2019

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The idea of a long summer holiday might seem heavenly to some. However, with so many social events on the calendar, teenagers and young adults are finding their summer holidays increasingly scary – especially when there is far more focus on looking fashionable these days.

In the past, when there were no social media and you didn’t carry a camera phone everywhere with you, summertime events felt far less pressure. So, it didn’t really matter if you wore the same outfit more than once.

Now, with teens wanting to achieve that perfect Instagram styled post, you’re going to need a bigger and bolder wardrobe to stand out from the crowd.

There’s no need to fear for your bank account, though, with these simple tips, we’ll make sure you look fashionable all summer long:

Wear Your Clothes with Pride

First off, being fashionable is more than expensive brands, it’s about having the confidence to wear what makes you happy and confident.

Whether that’s a vintage outfit from a thrift store or an expensive designer dress – if you wear what you like with a smile, nobody is going to laugh at you. In fact, the more confidence you have, the more likely it will be for others to want to copy your fashion choices.

The Midi Dress

Not only are midi dresses huge at the moment but this is a style of dress that suits all body types, so anyone can feel confident in a midi dress. They’re incredibly versatile too, you can dress yours down with some funky sneakers or dress it up with some cute heels.


Unlike a cute dress, that you might only wear once during summer, your sunglasses will be a staple for all your summer events. Not only will your sunglasses keep you from squinting from the harsh light in all your summer photographs, but a good pair of sunglasses can also make or break your style.

Pairs like the Ray-Ban Cockpit, which are a smaller and chicer version of the Aviators, are really in fashion at the moment. Even better, these sunglasses are very versatile, complementing many people’s personal styles.

Shoes are Important too!

Like sunglasses, you only need a few pairs of shoes to see you through all your summer events, but choosing the right ones is important. Whilst at the moment, super expensive shoe brands dominate the market, not all of us can afford these.

If these aren’t affordable to you, brands like Vans are timeless and reasonably priced. Meaning you can wear yours for years to come without looking any less stylish.


For most teens and young adults, guessing how much a piece of jewelry is can be incredibly hard. Which means it doesn’t matter if a piece of everyday jewelry you wear is bought for $5 or over $1000.

So, before you splash the cash or an expensive ring or bracelet, you should instead consider looking at cheaper options. This means you can buy lots of different pieces that compliment the various outfits you have planned for your summer diary.

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