Syracuse DWI Lawyer Tips On Preparing For Your Case

By  //  July 6, 2019

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Preparing for a court battle won’t always be smooth. It isn’t uncommon for you to have to go through many technicalities and other processes that can get tricky and complicated.

Preparing for a court battle won’t always be smooth. It isn’t uncommon for you to have to go through many technicalities and other processes that can get tricky and complicated.

But preparation shouldn’t be taken for granted, as it is just as important as perfecting the case itself. Excellent preparation results can translate to great results, and if you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, you will want to have the best outcome possible.

That said, here are some tips, straight from a Syracuse DWI team on how you can prepare for your case:

1. Read The Complaint

The complaint refers to the piece of document that the judge reads in front during a trial. It is from this document that the judge will ask you matters about the facts and circumstances that are alleged in the complaint.

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, it is essential for you to have ample knowledge of all that is written in the complaint.

As you read and study the complaint, remember to ask yourself about the following:

  • The pieces of evidence that you might need to prove or disprove all the facts alleged
  • The witnesses that might be favorable to you
  • The points that may have been missed out that are necessary, or the positive and negative circumstances that may have happened since the filing of the complaint

2. Arrive On Time

Part of the preparation of your case will have to do with how you arrive for your hearing. So that your mind can better relax, it is best to arrive on time for your hearing.

Arriving on time means that you are in the courtroom or the court premises at least fifteen to thirty minutes before the scheduled hearing time. When you have this extra time, your mind can calm down and think well. Additionally, you are also set to be at a better disposition.

3. Ask For A Walk-Through Of The Entire Process

A well-prepared individual who is on their way to attend a hearing should also know the entire process from A to Z. No matter how well-versed you are about the circumstances surrounding your case, you might only find yourself getting stuck somewhere if you do not know the whole process.

If you are confused, take note and write it all down. Nothing speaks of better preparation than a person who doesn’t look lost and who knows exactly what the next step is. This applies for both the lawyer and the client as it is imperative for you to be aware of this matter

4. Gather All Necessary And Helpful Documents For Your Case

If you have a contract that was previously binding between both parties, keep it. Whatever documents you have in mind that you feel are helpful to your case, gather them all and make sure you have them ready.

Documentary evidence still stands as one of the most striking pieces of evidence that you can ever present. Hence, if you are lucky enough to have all these, you should take advantage of it.

Most likely, you will also need to prepare for the following in relation to these documents:

  • Prove that the elements of the case or those that are stipulated in the contract have been broken
  • Prove that the contract you are presenting is valid, or that the one the other party is presenting is invalid

As you gather all these supporting documents, too, it is recommended that you have at least three copies of every piece of paper. Should the judge ask for a copy, you have one to submit, and you have one for yourself and another for the other party.

5. Take Down Notes

Whenever you have a meeting with the entire team of professionals that are helping you, always take down notes. When you remember something, note this down as well.

It can be very frustrating to have prepared yourself mentally before the case, but because of heightened emotions during the day itself, there are some facts and allegations that you might miss out on. Sometimes, in presenting a case, you only have one chance for the judge to hear your side out.

Unless you are asked for follow up questions, it is not likely at all that you will be asked to speak out more than what is asked of you. You have to make it right the first time.


If you want to have the best settlement and result for your DWI charge, you have to be well prepared for your case. Think of your hearing day like as if it’s that big exam in your life, where you only have one chance to make it right. These tips are only a few of the handy ones you can follow.

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