6 Ways Your Business Can Save Money by Helping the Environment

By  //  August 5, 2019

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A business’s natural instinct is to save money wherever possible – and earn as much as possible – and this can be done in many, simple ways when it comes to making your business more ‘green’ and environmentally aware.

Here are some of the ways your business can be more eco-friendly, and save money in the process, too.

1. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Having access to large windows within your business is a beneficial feature, as the more natural light, the better. Ensure the windows are not obstructed and allow in as much light as possible.

Optimizing natural light is a sure-fire way to cut out the use of artificial light and also save you money on your business’s electricity bills. Business utility prices can be very high, so you may also want to consider a comparison service, such as Utility Bidder, which will allow you to switch and save.

2. Motion Sensors

If your business is based in a large building with lots of rooms, and perhaps a large team of staff who are coming and going all the time, the chances are that lights and electrics are going to be left on when they’re not needed.

Motion sensors and timed lights are great features you can install to save electricity by lights switching off automatically when nobody is in the room.

3. Go Paperless Where Possible

Elect to have any relevant paperwork or bills and invoices sent through to your business via email instead of printed paper. Devise an electronic system for these and for payments so you don’t have to waste paper printing all of your bills, which will also save money on paper and the power cost of running a printer all the time.

4. Invest in Reusable Bottles

In most buildings, staff members will go through a huge number of plastic bottles, paper cups, or aluminum cans during the workday when taking a drink.

Try instead to either invest in reusable bottles or thermos flasks to provide in your staff kitchen, or encourage your employees to purchase their own for personal reuse to help the environment. This will also save money on having to restock paper cups, for example, or plastic cups used for water filters.

5. Research Energy-Efficient Appliances

The latest developments in technology means that there now exists many power-saving appliances and environmentally friendly machines.

Consider replacing appliances in the staff kitchen, such as the kettle, with a more eco-friendly model, and investing in any energy-efficient electronics within your business, to cut down the running costs of them and use less power in the process.

6. Allow Employees to Work from Home Sometimes

Permitting employees to work from home when possible can help to reduce their carbon footprint through canceling out the need to commute, and it also reduces the running costs within your business if there are fewer people in the building using all the power.

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