Fewer Personal Injury Claims are Left Unattended in 2019

By  //  August 19, 2019

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Handling a personal injury case can seem complex for the average person. Without being aware of the procedures that need to be followed, you could easily lose the financial compensation you would normally be entitled to.

It seems like in recent years fewer personal claims are actually left unattended thanks to the increased awareness revolving around the subject.

Nowadays, you have all the information you need on how to deal effectively with this type of scenario in order to increase your odds of reaching a reasonable agreement.

Proper documentation can influence the end-results obtained. But what approach are people actually pursuing in this department? What are the recommended steps to take? Here are some of the most important things to be aware of on the subject:

Preserving evidence

A lot of questions might arise in regards to the circumstances of the accident. The more proof you have of your lack of fault, the higher the odds of receiving the compensation you are expecting. A fair settlement can be achieved if you’ve managed to preserve evidence.

Collecting the contact info of witnesses or taking photos of the accident scene are recommended actions to pursue here. If the incident has been a severe one, and requires the involvement of the police, get a copy of the police record as well.

Seek immediate medical attention

Even if the injuries seem less severe, you should seek medical attention quickly after the accident. This will allow you to properly document your condition, aspect that will come in handy when you are making your claim, or you need to take your case to court.

Obtaining a medical report

Proof of injury will also be necessary in this type of claim case. The healthcare provides you’ve resorted to for treatment should give you a medical report on injury status and all medical expenses involved. The report needs to outline the injuries you have suffered from, as well as your current health condition.

Working closely with a solicitor

A solicitor will make the entire process of personal injury claim proceedings much easier on you. More people injured in incidents choose to work with legal representatives these days to facilitate a better approach and increase the likelihood of having their claim accepted by assessment boards.

Working closely with a professional can make a big difference in the results you obtain. Even a mirror error in your assessment application could lead to the invalidation of your claim.

What a solicitor will do is go over all documents and reports and help you build a solid application, and will also assist you in the eventuality of having to go to court.

You will come across numerous solicitor willing to provide you with assistance on a personal injury compensation claim, but to make a reliable choice here, focus on these few aspects:

  • Specialization in personal injury cases – the solicitor should have experience and expertise in handling exactly the type of situation you find yourself in. Find out with how many clients the said specialist has worked in the past, and make sure they’ve been accredited and are qualified to offer you this type of service.
  • Feedback and reputation – do a quick search on their reputation. See if you can come across any testimonials from their past clients. You may be able to find some reviews on various websites.  Also, check for how long their firm has been established, and their record of winning or losing similar cases to yours.
  • Communication – because you will need to work closely with the solicitor, you should be able to notice their involvement. Find someone who prioritizes effective communication and seems preoccupied to help you take care of things in a timely manner.

Sending an application to the right authorities

After you’ve found a solicitor and have gathered the necessary documents for the claim, it’s time to send an application to the right authorities. Usually, a personal injury assessment board will be the one to look over your reports and decide whether you are entitled to the compensation amount claimed, or if you don’t have a solid case.

Receiving a notification from the respondent

It might take a while until you actually get your response from the assessment board. The respondents have the possibility of refusing your accident assessment entirely if they lack sufficient evidence.

That is why it’s important to have the support of a specialist and to also have every document revised carefully. If your application does go through, after the respondents reach a decision on your claim, they will send you a notification, presenting you with an amount proposition. That proposal is what they are willing to pay you to settle your claim.


If the parties involved in the claim agree on the reached settlement, a settlement cheque will be issued by the respondents. In some situations, the settlement amount is far lower than the injured person would have expected or had claimed, or the insurance company is simply unwilling to pay. If you believe your case has been wrongfully assessed, you can reject the amount.

Further legal proceedings in case of disagreements

A settlement rejection means taking your case to court. It’s important to discuss with your solicitor here. They have the expertise necessary to help you figure out if taking further legal action is actually a suitable approach to pursue, depending on the specifics of your case. Your solicitor will be the one in charge of initiating all further legal proceedings here.

Making a personal injury claim isn’t easy. Even if you weren’t at fault for the incident, getting the compensation you deserve, and covering the expenses that have appeared will be possible only if you’ve taken the necessary steps and followed an appropriate legal approach.

People are still losing money to insurance companies, or not having their application taken into consideration by personal injury assessment boards due to lack of information, but it seems like more cases are being handled correctly since more solicitors are sharing tips and advice online.

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