How Ryan McMahon County Executive is Helping the Community

By  //  August 12, 2019

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With his commitment and passion for serving the community, Ryan McMahon became a city councilor of Syracuse as young as 23 years old. But how did he work to win the heart of the people and became a county executive?

With his commitment and passion for serving the community, Ryan McMahon became a city councilor of Syracuse as young as 23 years old. But how did he work to win the heart of the people and became a county executive?

His leadership is based on community involvement and good collaboration, disregarding political parties. Even losing at first, he never stopped doing what he loves to do.

In this post, you’ll find out how the newly elected County Executive of Syracuse helps the community.

He Grew Up and Belonged to the People

It’s no surprise for the Mcmahon clan to see Ryan step up and enter politics. It’s because the family is known as active community volunteers and Ryan’s parents both worked for the government.

His father, John Michael, worked as a code enforcement officer, and his mother, Susan, as a program administrator for the homeless. Ryan McMahon Child Advocacy Center was founded in the city of Syracuse, which aims to end child abuse and keeps children healthy and safe in the community.

Ability to Build Relationships

For the 2019 elections, Ryan McMahon did not endorse anybody for governor. Why? Simply because he stands by the people. He believes that it would be better for him to take no sides so he can work with whoever wins.

Of course, having over 3,000 government employees and a $1.3 billion budget to manage would challenge his knowledge and skills. But most importantly, it would test his integrity to ensure that the right policies and programs are implemented for the people of Onondaga.

At the age of 38, he built strong community ties when he had served under the council legislature. He sees his age as an advantage so he can build relationships and partnerships across the city, like with Syracuse University. Also, it’s evident in his public speaking that he wants to tackle infrastructure and poverty issues, which are timely and relevant topics.

Learn more about Ryan McMahon’s plans for the county here.

Ryan McMahon ‘s Will to Serve

Ryan McMahon saw the excellent opportunity to serve more people in 2003 when he ran for the city council. He launched his election campaign and started to attend public events and neighborhood meetings.

However, he lost but chose to keep going. He continued attending neighborhood meetings, and the other attendees were always happy to see him.

From then on, Ryan never stopped attending meetings. Eventually, residents started to go to him asking for help. People would call him with issues, and he would call the city department heads to ask for help. This experience made him realize what it would be like as a city councilor.

Winning the Hearts of the People

In 2005, Ryan McMahon, for the second time, ran for the same seat he had lost two years earlier. He won the elections and marked the beginning of his political career.

On his first day as an Onondaga County legislator, Ryan McMahon has immediately received bi-partisan support for the county executive post (both the Republicans and the Democrats). They want him to be appointed as the County Executive.

In 2012, he moved to the Onondaga County Legislature where he served as chairman. It’s a position that many previous county executives have taken.

The working style of Ryan McMahon is more on the field than sitting down in the office and signing papers all day. He’s closely involved with the community, so he always tries to take half of his meetings with the public.

McMahon said that the county government is a people business, so all officials should take the lead role and be accountable.

His Plans to Build a Stronger Community

As a newly elected county executive, McMahon plans to solve the three biggest problems of the community, decaying infrastructure, over-population, and poverty.

The generational poverty in Syracuse means families have been impoverished for two consecutive generations. He said that poverty could only be stopped with education.

Also, he’s planning to partner with Syracuse University to develop workforce development programs to fight poverty.

Here are the plans of Syracuse’s new county executive:

  • McMahon wants to work with countywide high school, focusing on technology, which also presents an excellent opportunity to partner with Syracuse University.
  • He likes to find effective ways to attract more people to raise families like military veterans in Syracuse to grow its population. He believes that veterans can raise better residents for the community.
  • McMahon also wants to address the city’s sewage system by looking at consolidation and shared service opportunities.
  • He’s planning to negotiate the extension of the sales tax sharing agreement of Onondaga County with the city of Syracuse.


Ryan McMahon is undoubtedly a public service identity with the exceptional ability to sense momentum in the community.

Unlike other political leaders, he set aside the partisan bickering and want to focus on listening to the people and fixing the current issues and prevent foreseen problems.

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