Crown Casino in Australia Seeing Some Extremely Tough Times

By  //  September 16, 2019

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Crown resort and casino has been facing some very tough times over the past month. (Wikipedia image)

Crown resort and casino has been facing some very tough times over the past month.

It has been at the center of an ongoing investigation after it was reported to be involved in a multinational scheme to launder money, bring in high paying individuals into the country while avoiding customs officials, drug use within its premises and so on.

All of these broken laws are turning out to be quite problematic for the casino and have been cause for a lot of headaches for the locals.

But now, the casino is seeing some additional trouble in Melbourne, now that a number of its workers have decided to stage a protest after discussing the employment agreements they have with the casino and how they are not content with what they have.

Crown is not specifying how it is going to be reacting to the allegations and demands of the employees, but it is obviously not going to be succumbing easily to their demands.

Employee demands, Crown refuses to admit fault

The employees of the Crown casino in Melbourne have found it fitting to start protesting in front of the building, with the help of United Voice, as a result of a number of grievances these employees have against the company.

According to Australian website of Playamo, the protests have been specifically motivated by the reasons of the 600 workers present during the protests receiving less pay than they would need to keep a living wage.

These workers say that they either work half time, work as casual workers, don’t work for enough money or need a second job to be able to support themselves, which, according to them, is unheard of in this day and age.

These individuals have decided to remain in protest mode until the Crown casino owners and managers do not decide to come out and speak to them, and address their issues.

On the other hand, Crown casino does not see any wrongdoing on their part.

According to Crown casino, they have been voted to be the best employer three times during the past decade, which has been well documented.

Furthermore, the casino has also said that the workers that are currently in the process of protesting are paid a fair wage for the kind of work that they do.

According to Crown these people are not protesting fairly and are simply pressuring the casino without reason.

The management of the casino goes on to talk about how the 7200 workers that the company employs are all very content with the kind of pay they receive while they are working as part of the resort and casino.

The casino has declined to address the issue further, but some are expecting that the casino will be interested in possibly replacing the workers if the casino gets the chance to do so. But, there is no specific evidence that the casino is going to be doing so.

Crown casino under a lot of pressure

While the Crown casino might be paying little to barely any attention to the issue of the protesters that are asking for more secure employment within the walls of the resort and casino, the company is not in a good place at the moment.

The protests are only fuel to the fire that are currently the situation that the investigation that the company is being put through, as a result of the accusations mentioned earlier.

While the investigation is ongoing, the situation with the employees that is currently taking place is indicating that the company in a vulnerable spot.

So much so that people are able to demand more from the company than ever before. But, as the demands and investigation go on, there is not a single thing that the casino can do in order to better their reputation or situation.

Gambling is already perceived to be a problematic subject within Australia, as there are many people who see it be an issue that the population has in general.

With Crown casino seeing as many accusations as it is, there is no surprise that there is no popular outcry that would result in anyone helping the casino receive support or feel supported.

With a significant number of Australian citizens having severe issues with the casino industry, Crown is going to be one of the first such businesses to fall to the negative opinion that the industry has garnered within the country over the past years.

How the current situation develops is going to be curious to observe, but at the moment, the combined forces of the investigation and the protests are going to prove to be problematic and might just be enough pressure for the casino to change the way they are operating at the moment and how they keep operating in the future.

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