Seven Sea-Tac Airport Parking Hacks

By  //  September 10, 2019

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A trip to the airport can be a juggling act. You may have several things on your mind, and it feels like a lot of balls in the air. One of the best ways to reduce the stress is to find solutions as quickly as possible to the most tricky situations.

A trip to the airport can be a juggling act. You may have several things on your mind, and it feels like a lot of balls in the air. One of the best ways to reduce the stress is to find solutions as quickly as possible to the most tricky situations.

Seattle airport parking is a challenge, but with the following seven hacks, you can say goodbye to airport parking frustration and say hello to a fun, relaxing trip.

1. Timing Is Everything

Even though most Sea-Tac Airport parking services offer good prices, the amount you pay can add up quickly, especially if you get the timing wrong. In the back of your mind, every minute is one step closer to a higher fee, and that’s irritating. Here’s how to time your Sea-Tac Airport parking:

  • If you’re picking someone up, you should get the arrival time for the flight and add 40 minutes to it. This is the time you should show up at the airport. It takes into account the time it takes to get off the plane, go through baggage claims, and perhaps use the restroom or grab a quick snack or beverage.
  • If you’re picking someone up after an international flight, you will most likely need to get airport parking because there’s virtually no way to estimate how long they will be waiting. Arrive at your airport parking half an hour after the person lands, and then just sit tight until they call. The good news is the Seattle Airport is close to all of the parking options on, so you can be there within a few minutes.
  • If you’re dropping off your car for a multi-day trip, arrive at the parking area half an hour before you should be at the airport. This will give you enough time to get there without having to rush. Sea-Tac long term parking is a great choice because you can travel without having to worry about your car.

2. Find a Sea-Tac Parking Lot With a Shuttle Service

Sea-Tac airport is close to the various parking options, so many services offer a shuttle. Take advantage of this.

However, make sure you call ahead and confirm when the shuttle runs. Some may have use time increments like “every hour on the hour,” and some may have specific departure and arrival times. Once you learn the schedule, plan to arrive at the lot 10 minutes before the departure of the shuttle you need.

3. “Earn” Some Sea-Tac Travel Extras With Cheaper Parking

A penny saved is a penny earned. Take this literally when you’re shopping for parking options. Cheap Sea-Tac parking can help you save money that you can then reinvest during your trip.

For example, if you choose a parking service that’s a little less “posh” but costs less and has a shuttle, you may save $4 a day or more. If you’re going to be away for a week, that’s an extra $28 you can spend on cool stuff on the plane. You could grab yourself any of the following:

  • A cocktail or some wine
  • One of those neat little nips
  • One of the more expensive snack options
  • In-air internet service
  • Paid entertainment

Have fun with it. You earned it. You could also spread the love: Reinvest your parking savings in a thoughtful gift or souvenir for a friend or loved one. 

4. Carpool With Other Parkers Near the Sea-Tac Airport

Most likely, you won’t be the only one arriving at the Sea-Tac parking facility. If there’s no shuttle service available, you can find someone else and ask if they want to share a cab or a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft.

You both save a few bucks, and maybe some time, too, particularly if it’s a busy time of day and transportation is scarce.

5. Park Close to Where the Sea-Tac Airport Shuttle Leaves

If you have heavy bags, a lot of luggage, or a sizeable crew of travelers, parking near where the shuttle leaves may save you loads of frustration. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Call ahead and get the shuttle departure times.
  2. Ask where the shuttle parks. Ask for a landmark such as “in front” or “by the booth.”
  3. Plan to arrive an extra 15 minutes early because others might have the same idea.
  4. Arrive and start unloading. Of course, you should be careful not to get in anyone’s way who is trying to get to the shuttle.

6. Put Anything That Even Looks Valuable in the Trunk

Even if your items don’t seem particularly valuable to you, they may be a gem for a potential thief. Hide them in the trunk. The glove box may be insufficient because that’s one of the first places a thief looks after gaining access to the vehicle. This includes the following:

  • Any and all bags and totes
  • Laptop bags and backpacks
  • Phone chargers
  • Mobile device chargers
  • Sunglasses
  • Money, including loose change
  • Anything with a designer label – a thief may presume there are other fancy things inside
  • Coats and jackets
  • Shoes and sneakers

The chances of your vehicle being broken into are slim, especially if you choose a lot with good security. However, it’s better to be proactive than reactive.

In addition, if you have valuable things in your car, even if a thief bypasses your vehicle, it may give them the hope to keep looking in others’. If you’re careful, you help protect others from theft as well.

7. Bring a Power Bank for Mobile Devices While Waiting Near Sea-Tac Airport

If you’re going to be waiting for someone, using a portable charger to power your device may save you fuel and precious battery power. You can charge it at home, and instead of being forced to run the engine while you use your device to keep it charged, you can rely on the portable charger.

If you’re going away for a considerable time, especially in the winter, you are going to want to have as many cranking amps left in your battery when it’s time to fire it up again.

Following these tips will help make for a smoother trip with fewer balls in the air. This way, your journey to the airport can be fun — without being a circus.

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