Things Business Intelligence Tools Can Do For Your Business

By  //  September 18, 2019

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Information is one of the things that businesses are bombarded with every day. These data that come in need to be analyzed in order to make better business decisions.

Information is one of the things that businesses are bombarded with every day. These data that come in need to be analyzed in order to make better business decisions.

In order for business owners and managers to run the company better, they need to have accurate data, understand it, and get insights from it.

This way, they can make strategic decisions that will help the company grow. Business intelligence or BI tools can help them achieve all these and more.

Here are some important things that these BI tools can help your business grow:

  1. Reach sales and marketing goals. It’s crucial for businesses to read trends in customer behavior. Doing so would help the sales department in creating strategic approaches. They’ll have the means to improve their up-selling and/or cross-selling methods.

Business intelligence tools will be able to help them gather data. Not only will the BI tools gather data, but it’ll also help measure activities.

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, and a company should know which marketing strategy works and which doesn’t.

Business intelligence tools also help to track campaigns and see which initiative is effective and profitable. The company can then fine-tune the campaigns that are effective in order to have higher sales.

  1. Strategic decision making. It’s difficult to make decisions when you don’t have enough data in your hands. And if you do have all the data that you need, you need to convert them into insights in order for the managers of the company to make a strategic decision that could help the company grow. All these take a lot of time and effort when done manually. Thus, it’s best to use BI tools to help analyze and gather information from these data.
  2. Deliver exceptional customer service. Today, one of the most used marketing campaigns is having outstanding customer service. When a company gets bad reviews due to poor customer service, potential customers are turned off and choose another company to do business with. This is why it’s crucial that your company provides its clients with the best customer service.Business intelligence tools gather information on each customer and these can be accessed by any customer service representative.

    Information, such as ongoing services for the customer, purchases made in the past, and complaints made in the past, will be available for viewing. This enables the company’s customer service response to be faster, more accurate, and the management of the case is better.

Using customer insight, you can profile your customers so you’ll attract the right kind of prospects for the company’s growth.

  1. Identify where to cut costs. Identifying which area or areas of the company you could cut costs is not easy. If you make a mistake, the company sales could suffer from this decision. However, if you use business intelligence tools, you’ll be able to identify where you can save money on.

If the company, for example, sells retail products, you’ll know which products in your inventory are not selling so much. You’ll also have data on which products are best sellers so you can increase orders. This will enable the company to save money and increase its sales at the same time.

  1. Increase the productivity of employees. When working, many employees have no idea if they’ve done enough for the day or not. When output is not measured, this could lead to employees being lax and not being productive enough. This leads to a loss of sales.

BI tools can help companies streamline work processes and monitor employee productivity. Tasks are monitored if they’ve been done or not.

This increases the output, making the performance of the team better. Streamlining work processes can help employees become more efficient.

  1. Protection from online threats. Malware attacks are always present when your business is also done online. Data breach deals great damage to a company’s reputation and could potentially lose customers.

For this reason, it’s also a good idea to invest in BI tools that include security tools that can protect the business from malware attacks.


Business intelligence tools are a great advantage for your business. Not only will you be able to eliminate human error when analyzing data and producing insights, but it’ll make employees become more efficient and increase their productivity.

With all of these combined, you can expect great advancements for your company.

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and if you want your company to keep up with its competition, you should also explore these technological advancements and how it could help your company grow.

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