Top Four Health and Wellness Trends in 2019

By  //  September 1, 2019

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Health and wellness trends change almost as quickly as the seasons, but there are always some that stand the test of time.

When it comes to both health and wellness, it can get confusing trying to keep up with every new trend, and many are nothing more than a waste of time and money.

Food options and lifestyle changes are the big trends this year, but they aren’t the only area to focus on if you’re looking for the latest and greatest health and wellness trends of 2019.

Staying on top of trends isn’t as important as looking after your physical and mental health, but by keeping up with the latest popular activities, you could inspire yourself to make some very positive changes.

1. Virtual Training

This could be the future of exercise, but it’s not quite there yet. Virtual training is becoming very popular and has come a long way since people first strapped on a Nintendo Wii controller and started bowling.

Virtual health classes in your own home might feel a little Orwellian, but it’s a great way to get healthier for those that are nervous about being in the gym environment.

There are many benefits to virtual training, but it’s not the answer to gym paranoia that will suit everyone.

2. Gut Health

The focus on pre- and probiotic bacteria as part of a healthy diet is not new but has seen considerable growth in 2019. This could be a trend that looks set to move from trending status to a simple staple of modern health and wellness.

This trend means making only minor changes to your diet and health routines. Simply make sure that you add yogurt, kefir, or sauerkraut to your diet, and check to see if your favorite foods come in healthier brands.

3. The Retreat

The idea of a digital detox has been growing in popularity over the last few years, with some people even going so far as heading off on vacation specifically to get away from their devices.

The same thinking is behind the rise of the health and wellness retreat for more focus on mental and physical health.

With a choice of stunning locations to relocate to, more people than ever are signing up for health and wellness boot camps that include a variety of activities in some of the most beautiful environments on earth.

4. Food Delivery

When it comes to health and wellness, convenience is the one thing that prevents many people from adopting a more proactive lifestyle.

Food delivery services might not seem like a positive step forward when it comes to living a healthier life, but think less about fast food delivery and more about meal options that are designed to suit vegan, gluten-free, and organic dietary needs.

These types of food delivery can even come with everything raw so that you can take even more control over the cooking (although they do come with extensive instructions so that you don’t have to panic about how to prep that weird new vegetable).

More people than ever before are looking at their lifestyles and realizing that something is wrong. From exercise trends that can focus your mind to a shift in thinking when it comes to what we eat, it’s never been easier to make healthy changes to your life.

If you feel stuck in a negative routine that is doing your physical and mental health no good, then maybe it’s time to start looking closer at the big health and wellness trends of 2019.

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