Florida Ballot for Medical Marijuana Facility in November

By  //  October 12, 2019

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A constitutional amendment that would allow the therapeutic use of marijuana would be proposed in Florida’s November vote later this year.

A constitutional amendment that would allow the therapeutic use of marijuana would be proposed in Florida’s November vote later this year.

Organizers say public support for the proposal is increasing and should help pass the forecast of a large number of voters in this year’s presidential election – who only failed back in 2014.

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A petition campaign to put the issue on the ballot has already received 692,981 certified voter signatures – nearly 10,000 more than the required number.

Benefits of medical marijuana

To date, more than 20 states have already legalized medical marijuana, with many high-profile medical professionals also changing their minds about the controversial topic in recent months.

Opinions are, as always, divided on the idea of ​​recreational pot – although many are beginning to agree that marijuana should be legal for medical use.

The benefits of smoking pot have been legally overridden and misrepresented by advocates, although it is hoped that the new laws will allow researchers to study the medicinal uses of the drug, which may improve how it helps the body Affects.

So far only 6% of marijuana studies have centered on the medicinal properties of the drug. These studies have found that there are at least two active chemicals that have medical applications: cannabidiol (CBD) that affects the brain without giving the user a high and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that relieves pain, among other things gives.

Some of the reported health benefits include:

  • According to the National Eye Institute, treatment of glaucoma by reducing the pressure inside the eye
  • Controlling epileptic seizures, by binding to brain cells that control stimulation, regulates relaxation.
  • Reducing the symptoms of brevet syndrome by interacting with brain cells to calm excessive activity that causes seizures
  • Stopping the spread of cancer by closing the Id-1 gene, which mimics the cancer cells and which normally helps them to spread in the body.
  • Reduced anxiety levels when used in low doses.
  • Relieving pain and suppressing nausea which helps with the side effects of chemotherapy

Will it be passed in Florida?

It is likely that more than 60% of Florida voters will eventually approve a medical marijuana law, which is the approval percentage required for constitutional amendments.

However, the Legislature is a bit timid when the issue comes up. In 2014, lawmakers actually approved the use of non-euphoric pot to treat seizures but have failed to provide the product, establishing the necessary regulations to oversee its production and distribution due to problems.

So the group is hoping that with more votes, better laws can be instituted – legalizing medical marijuana, and that means Florida has finally joined 20 other states that have adopted the medical benefits of pot.