How Your Career Choice Can Help Your Community

By  //  October 21, 2019

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If you’re looking to add more value to your life and have a real sense of purpose when you wake up in the morning, it might be time to consider a change in your professional life and gain more satisfaction and personal fulfillment while you earn an income.

If you’re looking to add more value to your life and have a real sense of purpose when you wake up in the morning, it might be time to consider a change in your professional life and gain more satisfaction and personal fulfillment while you earn an income.

It’s difficult to stay motivated working for a company you don’t truly believe in, or one that doesn’t seem to appreciate all of the hard work you put into your job, however, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of ways to feel happier at work

One way to feel more motivated at work is to look for a career that benefits the local community where you live, and to want to help to provide a better quality of life for your neighbors, family and friends.

Consider these career choices if you’re looking to change jobs, as they’ll most certainly make a difference to the local community in which you live. 

Social Worker

Social care is essential when trying to maintain a community’s wellbeing, but the needs of individuals often, sadly, outweigh the resources that are available.

Vulnerable people within a community are often overlooked. Adequate social care provides physical, emotional and social support that helps individuals live their lives in a positive way.

There are many reasons why social care is needed and those in need can be both young and old. A child could need support if their parents are not in a position to provide appropriate care, or a single mother may need extra child support to be able to go to work.

This varied job role makes a huge difference to people’s lives and will always benefit your community as a whole. 

Criminal Lawyer

There’s nothing worse than living in an area where crime rates are on the increase and justice isn’t being dealt with accordingly, so becoming a criminal lawyer within your local community means you are an integral part of keeping crime levels down.

Making individuals feel safer in their homes and encouraging new families to make your neighborhood their home, will mean that your community continues to thrive and individuals will feel happy and content where they live.

Becoming a criminal lawyer involves you needing to further your education after school and gain the relevant qualifications before you can stand up in court. You don’t necessarily have to go back to college as there are many resources available now to complete an online criminal justice degree.

You’ll be able to arrange your study time around your current work commitments or family obligations, which means you’ll still be able to put food on the table while you revise. You may find it is also a more financially viable route to take as attending further education in a traditional college environment can be extremely costly. 


Often the career that you dream of doing when you’re young, becoming a firefighter will keep your community members and the buildings that they live in safe.

You’ll need to be physically fit and have bravery at the heart of your soul as this career choice will sometimes mean putting your life at risk. The daily tasks of a firefighter involve rescuing individuals and animals from burning buildings and putting out fires that are out of control. 

Firefighters also respond to multiple emergency calls, and are often the first ones to arrive at a scene. There is also an educational element to the job role and teaching your local community about fire prevention and safety is an extremely rewarding part of the job.

You’ll often find families will recognize who you are when you’re not at work as you become a pillar of the community where you live. 


A great way to make significant changes to where you live is to represent your community in congress and stand up for what your neighbors believe in, making changes to laws and legislations that are currently not benefiting your part of the world.

Personal opinions will often need to be put aside and you’ll need to be a good listener and communicator to do well in this role.

Communities will always want to be listened to and heard, but also want to see action taken by politicians, which isn’t always the case. You’ll need to be a people person to get the support you need, and it is beneficial to feel comfortable speaking in front of large crowds of people.

If you feel you have the right leadership skills to fulfil this role, you could make a huge difference to the community where you live. A politician’s role is never easy, so you’ll have to be prepared for the journey you have ahead. 


Becoming a teacher or a teaching assistant at a local school would make a huge difference to your community as you’d be providing education, support and shaping the minds of the youngest generation where you live.

Educating children in your community means they’ll get the best possible start in life, and will be afforded a greater opportunity to make something of themselves when they grow into young adults.

Instilling the importance of handwork, kindness and motivation at a young age will benefit the community endlessly.

Teaching assistants offer extra attention and support to small groups of students in order to help them integrate with the class and connect with the material being presented.

With classroom sizes growing under the pressure that many schools face, some individuals who are struggling may be overlooked. With enough teaching resources to hand, every child should be able to gain the correct and appropriate level of education they need. 

With adequate community support, you’ll begin to see your community thrive and it’ll be wonderful to see your neighborhood benefitting from all your hard work.

On a more social level, it is always great to try and host various events that give families and individuals the opportunity to get to know each other and build relationships and bonds with those living next door. This will make the area where you live an enviable postcode to call home.