Important Tips To Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

By  //  October 9, 2019

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There’s no denying that colored hair – when done right – can look truly awesome and provide you with just the right confidence and style you’re after

There’s no denying that colored hair – when done right – can look truly awesome and provide you with just the right confidence and style you’re after. Even if you don’t like the shade of hair you were born with, we color our hair for many reasons, but the main purpose is usually just wanting a fresh start and a new look to match your current fashion.

However, it’s vital to be aware that hair dye shouldn’t messed around with, especially if you want to go lighter and use hair bleach.

These are chemicals that need to be treated with care and respect because it’s not uncommon that rashes can appear on the scalp or the hair strands themselves be damaged from misuse of hair dye. To ensure you have a bit of understanding, here are some useful tips to be aware of before you dye your hair.

Will my hair length change the amount of hair dye needed?

For hair that is far longer than shoulder length or indeed quite thick, it’s not uncommon to actually need two boxes of hair dye, or indeed two trips to the hair salon if you’re getting it done externally. For longer hair, the ends will usually absorb more color and appear darker, which is why many hair experts will dye hair in different stages.

What about hair type?

This matters a lot during the hair dye process because for those with coarse, thick hair, it will take longer to absorb color. For those with fine hair, it’s a much shorter process. If you’re at a salon to have your hair dyed for the first time, they will perform a strand test to determine how long the dye needs to sit on the hair.

Or you can opt to get your hair cut shorter with Hairdressing Scissors before starting the dye job to make it easier to manage and for the dyeing color to set in your natural hair.

Is it necessary to shampoo before dyeing hair?

It’s actually better for your hair and scalp not to have shampooed your hair at least 24 hours before the dyeing process begins. This is because your hair’s natural oils will help prevent your scalp from burning when dyeing, and the hair itself is colored better if it hasn’t just been cleaned.

In terms of shampooing after dyeing, experts recommend the use of purple shampoo, especially for bleach blonde hair, as this keeps the hair from turning to a yellow or brassy tone.

What about using conditioner after dyeing hair?

If you use hair dye from a box and do it yourself at home, then look for the conditioner that should come with the pack. This can be used after dyeing to help your hair strands stay strong and form a barrier of sorts, as your hair will become ever so dry and brittle after dyeing.

The conditioner that comes in the box has been specially made with the brand’s hair dye in mind, so it’s better to stick with this for the first wash.

Do the same rules apply for permanent and semi-permanent hair dye?

It’s important to complete the same steps before dyeing your hair permanent or semi-permanent, but the difference with the latter is that the process isn’t as harsh on your hair. Semi-permanent dye merely coats the hair and washes out after around 3-4 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair.

Permanent dye penetrates the hair cuticle and won’t wash out. Experts say to wait at least 6 weeks (around when your natural hair roots start showing) before dyeing your hair again if permanent dye was used, in order to ensure your hair has time to recover from the dyeing process.

What special techniques are there in terms of dyeing hair?

There are many ways to dye hair to provide a different result, especially if you want a two-tone effect or multi-colored hair, such as the trending mermaid hair or rainbow hair. There’s balayage, ombré, sombré, lowlights, highlights, babylights, and even bronde hair. As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to dyeing hair, which is why it’s best to speak to a hairdresser for some advice.

Read about the different techniques here and decide for yourself.


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