Military Divorce Lawyers Colorado Springs: Signs You Need A Divorce Lawyer After Your Service

By  //  October 1, 2019

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Divorce is a common occurrence today because a lot of couples give up too soon, which warrants the need for a divorce lawyer. This is especially true if one of the partners is in the military.

Divorce is a common occurrence today because a lot of couples give up too soon, which warrants the need for a divorce lawyer.

This is especially true if one of the partners is in the military. Military life is not easy, and couples find months of deployment as a huge impediment to a successful marriage.

In this post, you’ll learn the signs when you need the help of a divorce lawyer, specifically a military divorce lawyer, after your service.

One Party Wants to Be Free

You and your spouse probably broke up or fought many times over your military journey, wanting you to get out of military service and stay. Spouses who are left behind due to military deployment face a difficult situation.

Not only because of having a long-distance relationship but the mere absence and the inability to fulfill spousal and parental responsibilities full time.

At the most difficult times, the spouse left at home would handle all the parenting roles and other responsibilities and obligations of the military spouse. It could lead to burn-out and wanting to get out of the military spouse relationship cycle.

If one or both parties want to be free from the military life and marriage, military divorce lawyers Colorado Springs, or anywhere in the world, should be sought.

A military divorce lawyer will help you identify the possible options to help save the marriage or find better ways to make the divorce process easier for both parties.

One or Both Parties Found New Love

Enlisted military personnel and supervisors tend to find new love in the place of deployment or within the military grounds. According to the United States Census data analysis report, the first-line military supervisors have the highest divorce rates – 30 percent.

On the other hand, spouses who are left at home may find new love within the workplace, in the local community, social connections, or even in online dating sites and social media platforms. If this situation happens, you would need the help of a military divorce lawyer.

Endless Fighting and Irreconcilable Differences

Because of the stress military personnel and supervisors experience, such as multiple duty tours, traumatic experiences, extended time away, and change life views, military married life can be problematic.

More military service members are seeking legal assistance from a military divorce lawyer nowadays, and they report feeling the inability to cope with normal daily life after their military service. Intense psychological experiences brought by war may cause personality changes.

Combating stress, anxiety, and depression is also a struggle. All of these situations result in endless fighting and irreconcilable differences between the couple.

Children Suffer

Military families experiencing negative consequences of endless aggressive fights or domestic violence, misunderstanding, or even silent fights will consider divorce as the last and best resort to save children.

Married couples who cannot settle things decide to divorce for the peace of mind and the healthy environment of their children.

At this point, it’s important to consult a military divorce lawyer to know your best options. You’ll be assisted in planning the best course of action when it comes to child support and visiting privileges. Also, you’ll be referred to as children-centered organizations and agencies.

Domestic Violence

The focus of the Department of Defense is helping military families prevent and resolve domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious problem, most especially when a service member is involved. In a domestic violence case, the role of the military is either a civilian or a service member.

A military service member can report the situation to civilian authorities if the abuser is a civilian. Installation commanders can help protect military service members from civilian spouses who are abusive by barring them from military installations.

Divorce attorneys Colorado Springs can help military families undergo the divorce process smoother and easier.

If the military member is the abuser, the family advocacy system, or the military justice system, handles the domestic violence situation. At this point, you need to hire a military divorce lawyer to help you with the next steps.

A military divorce lawyer is knowledgeable with issues that pertain to jurisdiction, taking care of the necessary paperwork, and important details to expedite a divorce case.


A military divorce lawyer should be sought if one or both parties are considering divorce, either the military service member or civilian.

It’s given that military couples prioritize their duty first before their marriages. It’s difficult to live with the reality, and most often than not, many military marriages end up in divorce.

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