Timothy Sykes – Scam or Trading Genius?

By  //  October 23, 2019

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Timothy Skyes made his name by turning money he received for his Bar Mitzvah ($12,415) into an astonishing $2,000,000 during his time at college. (Fox News video image)

A well-known name in the trading and trading education industry, Timothy Skyes and offers a variety of services and packages to his students so that they can learn how to successfully trade, just like he does. This often raises the question among the naysayers: is there a Timothy Sykes scam

Well, Timothy made his name by turning money he received for his Bar Mitzvah ($12,415) into an astonishing $2,000,000 during his time at college.

He was able to do this simply by taking part in the day trading of penny stocks. It was during the dot com bubble in 1999 that Timothy started trading and was the result of a tennis injury, which meant he had lots of free time on his hands.

After graduating college, Timothy began running a hedge fund and continued to do so for several years. For several years it was ranked as the best hedge fund in the whole of the United States that was short biased.

At one point the fund did experience a significant loss, but even then it was still up by several percent.

Upon his retirement, Timothy was inspired to write his biography, titled ‘An American Hedge Fund’. It went on to become a great seller and includes everything you need to know about trading and his illustrious career as a hedge fund manager. 

Further to this, Timothy also starred in the television show ‘Wallstreet Warriors’. Admittedly, this is where he received his greatest level of exposure to his career and prowess.

Inspired by the success of the TV show, Timothy established his subscription services and educational DVDs, which can be purchased from his website. These allow individuals to learn the techniques and strategies that he successfully used throughout his career. 

One of his main strategies was the super short term trading of penny stocks. The length of time Timothy holds on to his positions typically range from just a couple of seconds through to two days at the very most.

Focusing on best setups, he trades just a few times each week and very rarely has any more than one position open at a single time.

A lot of Timothy’s shorting and buying is made in bullish market conditions, whereas he only buys in bearish market conditions.

Over the years, many of Timothy’s students have gone on to become millionaires themselves. One such success was his student, and now trader, Tim Grittani, who has actually just surpassed Timothy in terms of trading profits.

However, where Tim uses all his funds to make his trades, Timothy continually goes back to using his initial funding amount of $12,000 to show how it can be done. As a result, he now focuses most of his time on teaching rather than trading. 

Another success story is Steven Dux. As a result of signing up to Timothy’s subscription service he was able to make more than $1,000,000 in less than a year.

Although he was able to achieve this in a relatively short time scale, Steven did dedicate hours of work into accomplishing this impressive feat.

It should, therefore, be remembered that trading is not a get rich quick scheme, and that not every individual will be so successful so quick. 

Because of his success, and that of his many students, Timothy has been featured in numerous media outlets. Furthermore, he has even been interviewed by high profile and respected individuals, such as Larry King and Steve Harvey.

Timothy is a philanthropist and as such is involved with several charities, including Pencils of Promise, where he has donated in excess of a million dollars, Karmagawa, and Save The Reef. This is partly funded through sales of his DVDs.

Timothy’s DVD library has over 20 different titles and includes TimTactics, PennyStocking, Tim Raw, ShortStocking, TraderChecklist, Trading Tickers, and TIMdicators.

Just like the topics that they cover vary, so do the prices of his DVDs. A copy of his Trading Tickers DVD currently costs slightly under $1,800. His cheapest DVD is PennyStocking, which costs $397.

One of the best and most popular DVDs in Timothy’s library is How to Make Millions. It is not only the longest and most comprehensive, and works as a good introduction into his background, how the markets work, and the trading strategies that successfully utilized. This is the perfect DVD regardless of what level of trading you are at.

The premise of the DVD is to become a millionaire. In order to do this you must not only view the financial markets every day, but also attend webinars each week, and also have funds to trade with.

A fee is required upfront for this. As monitoring of the markets is required during trading hours, it means you are unable to also hold down a job at the same time (evening and weekend working only).

Ultimately, to be successful in becoming a millionaire, you must dedicate many hours and be willing to put in the hard work that is required.

 His charitable efforts have also seen him set up The Timothy Sykes Foundation. As part of his foundation, he hopes to construct schools in those countries that are most in need of help.

With all of his work and the various projects he is involved with, you can imagine that Timothy’s life outside of work is very precious to him.

For those who have seen his posts online and on social media, he enjoys driving supercars, wearing expensive clothing and accessories, traveling the world, and eating out at the best restaurants.

The portrayal of his glamorous lifestyle has seen him amass over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

As well as having countless successful students, Timothy also backs up his claims of success with trade alerts in real-time, and complete and utter transparency on all his trades.

If Timothy and his services were a scam then there would be no way that he would do this and this is exactly why he has been featured on reputable media outlets, such as Fox News and CNN Money.