Tips on Moving To a New City

By  //  October 24, 2019

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Deciding to move is rated as one of the most difficult decisions people make. Moving could be in different forms, but top on the list in difficulty has to be moving from city to city.

Deciding to move is rated as one of the most difficult decisions people make. Moving could be in different forms, but top on the list in difficulty has to be moving from city to city.

The decision to move from a city changes everything. From your job to your relationships, the list of changes is endless.

However, like the maxim, “change is constant”, you just have to embrace it at times and go with it. As stressful as the process of moving can be, there are ways to reduce stress.

Whether you are moving from luxury in the United States to some beautiful rooms in Barcelona, Spain, your main priority would be the way to get the most ease. 

To make it easy for you, here are a few hacks that can help you reduce stress. 

Tips To Make Moving Easier For You:

How To Pack: 

The process of packing and unpacking can become hell or a walk in the park depending on how you go about it. As you pack your stuff from your rooms in Barcelona moving out to a new city, one decision you must make to ease the process is how to pack.

First, make sure that all boxes are well labeled with their contents and their intended destination rooms. Also, boxes with necessities like daily supplies should be marked unpack first, so you can open them first on entry into your new home. 

As you pack, you should pack a bag as though you are going for a short trip. This bag is where you might take the clothes and stuff that you will need for the first few days while you arrange the house. 

Who To Pack:

When packing, you might want to decide who packs and what they pack. Make sure to pack your valuables personally. Remember, no one can be as careful as you are with your stuff.

Also, have it in mind that most people might not understand the sentimental value. In your best interest, when deciding who to pack, you should pack your valuables yourself.  

When To Use Your Friends: 

Depending on how far it is that you are going and how willing your friends are, a little help from them is not a bad thing. You’ll agree that everyone needs help sometimes, right?

However, for you to have the maximum use of your friends and save costs, you must choose when to use their help well.

A good decision will be for you to hire labor to load the heavy stuff. Your friends can come in later with helping you unpack the boxes. To make this as fun as possible, it could be done over a bottle of wine. It will save you some costs.

What To Do After:

Unpacking successfully might seem like the last step to moving in, in fact, it is the first step. After you have moved in, you would need to make some very important decisions.

These decisions include where you would be getting your groceries, creating an emergency list and changing the postal address where necessary.  

Things Not To Do When Moving 

Not labeling: 

One thing you must know when packing is that labeling cannot be too much. A very big mistake that can make the process a nightmare is leaving out a label on one or two boxes.

During packing, it might seem unlikely that leaving out a label might not be a big deal during unpacking. However, as unlikely as it might seem, if you fail to label any box, you might have issues unpacking.

The process would take much longer and be more stressful than it should be.   

Making last-minute decisions:

Planning is by far the most important part of any process. Any process that is started with the hope of success must have a lot of plans in it. In moving, especially when it comes to moving from city to another city, planning is key. Without making the right plans, the process might be a nightmare.

As much as possible try to avoid last-minute decisions.

Decisions that might seem longshot to you especially require your early attention. Decisions like which furniture to put in your new rooms in Barcelona. Other decisions might include what to do with old furniture in your old house. 

Leaving the unpacking for later: 

The moment you get to your new apartment is the right time to unpack. You should with immediate effect look into unpacking your stuff as soon as you reach your new place. 

Leaving the cleaning to others:

Cleaning is one of the most important parts of moving into a new place. Often, people have their new place already cleaned out for them. However, this cleaning is not always as efficient.

Especially if you are a person that pays attention to detail and cleanliness. Cleaning is a way of getting the right foot moving in. 

The cleaning will help you get rid of cobwebs that might be missed by those who did the cleaning on your behalf. During the cleaning, you also get rid of the old energy in the new apartment.

If you must delegate the task to people, ensure that you do so with strict supervision. With that, you can tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Pointing them in the direction where you feel they need to do more. That way, it would seem like you did it yourself. 


Moving into a new city can be a lot of trouble. At the same time, you could work around the stress and make it a memorable time for yourself.

One key information to help you relieve stress that comes with the process is for you to get the most fun out of the process. Also, for you to settle in fast and easy, you should mix up with the locals. Meet new people, ask for directions and gather as much information as you can.