Topics for Your Essay that Will Not Leave You Indifferent

By  //  October 16, 2019

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Let’s guess your favorite type of college essay. There are more than 30 written assignments, but none of them will ever compete with the argumentative paper.

Let’s guess your favorite type of college essay. There are more than 30 written assignments, but none of them will ever compete with the argumentative paper.

Finding good college argumentative essay topics is the hardest work. As soon as you got a creative sparkle, the actual writing process will go flawlessly.

This is why we decided to work on another batch of alternative good argumentative topics.

Whether you’re looking for environmental argumentative essay topics or the ones to cover your human science project, our collection will surprise you with a versatile range of ideas.

After every section, you’re welcome to read some useful tips about writing argumentative essays. Make some notes!

Argumentative essay topics about Music

  1. Should we keep free music videos on YouTube?
  2. What is the value of a modern beatmaker?
  3. Is administrative punishment relevant when it comes to using free music samples?
  4. Where is the border of calling some music genres music?
  5. What is the point of all the music awards rewarding music videos?
  6. Who should select the Grammy winners?
  7. Why songs using explicit language bring less money?
  8. Should the fans know when the singer’s voice is tuned for the record?
  9. What’s the point of writing senseless but catchy songs?
  10. Can pop music contribute to the solution of social issues like hate speech or bullying?

Tip 1: Make sure that you know much about the topic you choose. Let’s all agree, conducting research from scratch can be burdensome especially when your deadline is burning. Sometimes, however, you can be assigned a theme you’re not familiar with. In this case, come up with the writing plan and work on your essay as on the math problem.

Argumentative essay topics about Sport

  1. Considering the gender equality movement, shall we keep the division of female and male teams?
  2. Why such aggressive kinds of sports as box, karate, or sumo are broadcasted on the national TV?
  3. What is the point of sports uniform during the competitions and why sportspeople are not allowed to wear the cloth they feel comfortable in?
  4. Is there any sense in “buying” and “selling” football players for the money that can save African children from hunger?
  5. Should we add any sports to the Olympic category?
  6. Shall the universities keep the athletic scholarship even if it has no relation to its academic mission?
  7. Encouraging competition before the game in high school: will it affect a teenager’s anxiety level in the future?
  8. Why chess is a sport?
  9. Which category (male or female) should transpeople play for on the competition?
  10. Encouraging a child to do sports: lack of personal initiative or forcing someone’s life choice?

Argumentative essay topics about Ecology

  1. Is Greta someone’s project and will her groundbreaking speeches ever lead us towards positive environmental changes?
  2. What’s the point of sorting in the countries that don’t recycle different types of garbage?
  3. What are the options of the countries with no recycling facilities regarding garbage reuse?
  4. Which routines should my community change to affect positive environmental changes in the local ecosystem?
  5. What are the ways to protect glaciers and which of them are the most realistic?
  6. What country serves an example of responsible environmental behavior?
  7. Is there any chance to save endangered species on the North and South Poles?
  8. Why electric cars are still less popular than the gas ones?
  9. What are the three rules people should obey to improve the global ecology?
  10. What is the most effective method of garbage collection and where is it applied?

Tip 2: If you a newbie in the world of academic writing, it’s better to look at some essay samples that can be found online. Some of them are written by professional writers, but most well-written free essays come from the students just like you! Luckily, they have shared their legacy for free, so there is no need to pay for your writing inspiration.

Argumentative essay topics about Education

  1. Is education worth having a student debt?
  2. Why don’t some professions require employees with high education?
  3. Why doesn’t the Ivy League offer the best colleges?
  4. Why the state should prohibit single-sex colleges?
  5. What is the price of academic integrity?
  6. Why should we demand to lessen the number of writing assignments we receive during semester?
  7. How would a four-day week affect our productivity at college?
  8. Why studying at the local library is the best option, even considering technology development?
  9. Why can’t the US government fund the graduate schools better so that they give at least 20% of full scholarships to their students?
  10. Why online education is more effective than attending live lectures?

Argumentative essay topics about Social Media

  1. How many hours spent online will do for a daily limit?
  2. Why you should avoid adding random people on Facebook?
  3. Why Facebook collecting your data is not as terrifying as it looks at first sight?
  4. How can we fight global loneliness and depression by using social media?
  5. Is it appropriate to post nude pictures on social media accounts?
  6. How can you destroy the fake image of life created by Instagram?
  7. What are the benefits of live streaming on Instagram?
  8. What are the alternative methods of satisfying your ego otherwise than posting edited pictures?
  9. Should people put an “edited” mark on the pictures they edited before posting? Should this mark show you the details of the editing work done?
  10. What are the bot farms and should Facebook admins control these fake accounts?

Tip 3: If you decided to read some free essays on the Internet, do your best to master paraphrasing. Our brain may easily remember some of the sentences you liked and give them a second life in your essay. Using the general concepts you read from someone’s essay is not a crime; however, using someones’ samples as a base for your writing can get you in trouble. The best solution for you here is a plagiarism checker (you can write your text directly in the program).

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