What Topic to Choose for Your Writing to Make People Discuss It?

By  //  October 28, 2019

Whenever it comes to writing, it goes without saying that the ultimate goal that the author pursues is making his or her words resonate with the readers.

Whenever it comes to writing, it goes without saying that the ultimate goal that the author pursues is making his or her words resonate with the readers.

Still, not everyone knows what it takes to come up with the text that would make people discuss it, and there is nothing awkward or weird about it.

Identifying the topic that would launch a wave of social discussion is not simple. Still, why then consider writing something at all if it does not add a follow-up analysis and further debates on what has been written?

If you are interested in finding a topic for your writing that would make your readers discuss is, you have come to the right place.

This article will provide you with a lot of useful information on how to make your writing compelling and, what is more, important from a social point of view.

Identify Your Readers

The first thing that the writer has to do before writing a text is to identify the target audience. There are issues that might be considered critical by one cohort of people but would be simultaneously regarded as mundane and not interesting by another.

For example, talking about the problems of indigenous communities in China would not be interesting for the readers based in Chicago, Illinois.

What is more, your readers can be divided into groups not only on the basis of their geographical location but also in accordance with the demographical indexes, such as age, gender, race, religious convictions, etc. Hence, make sure that you know for whom you are writing before taking to the very process of writing.

Lean Towards the Topics of General Interest

As it has been already mentioned, identifying the target audience is important. Nonetheless, your topic should also be the one that can potentially resonate with a larger number of readers.

That is, if your text is oriented at black women from Harlem, New York, try writing it in the manner the would also compel white men from Austin, Texas, to read it as well and then conduct a follow-up discussion of it.

Homelessness essay topics are a perfect example of a theme that might eventually rise to the all-national prominence as a topic that is worthy of further discussion.

Homelessness is an all-American problem, thus writing an essay about homeless people can become a good idea if your goal is to motivate the readers to take action on the problem that they will be reading about.

Stay Updated

It can sometimes happen that a topic of your choice can become irrelevant over one night. Thus, you have to make sure that the theme that you have chosen for dwelling upon is in the prime of its social relevance.

As a rule, those are truly problematic issues that constitute the best writing topics. For example, regardless of how sad it might be, but no one would be interested in reading and discussing the improvement of financing policies for orphans in the state of Ohio.

Even the citizens of Ohio will find this topic irrelevant because this is human nature to discuss solely the matter that can affect their lives from a negative point of view.

Thus, make sure to find a topic that raises a problem that is still “on the go” in the community or society and stay away from the topics that ponder over the issues that have already been mitigated.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

It is wrong to state that a good writer has to feel what the society is concerned with. An author can become a prophet but not a fortuneteller. Therefore, having the Internet on your side, go out to the social media platforms and see what are the primary concerns of your contemporaries.

You would not even need to go out on the streets and ask people about their problems. The informational technologies of the 21st century allow you to stay updated on what is a topic of the utmost concern that is the most likely to be discussed by people and what is topic that nobody would fancy even reading about.


Being a writer in the epoch when anyone can write a post on the social media and launch a chain reaction of discussion is not that easy as it might seem at first sight. There are millions of people who talk about the problem of homelessness and thus can write a post, essay, article, etc. about homeless people.

However, the point is to out your thoughts to the paper in a way that would make your readers discuss it and not simply skim through the text and forget about what you’ve said in five minutes.

Finally, may you not worry when you face a writer’s block. It is normal to not know what to write about as there is so much going on in this hectic world that sometimes there are even too many topics to write about.

Still, whenever you feel like you could use some help with choosing a relevant topic to write about, you can find more topics for your writing here.