AT&T Unlimited Data Refund: How ISPs Affect Users Through Throttling

By  //  November 19, 2019

When looking for the best Internet service provider (ISP) most consumers go with the one that offers unlimited data.

When looking for the best Internet service provider (ISP) most consumers go with the one that offers unlimited data.

After all, this is the only way to guarantee seamless usage without disruptions. However, data users have now learned that this is a gimmick by ISPs.

In many cases, ISPs throttle speeds for unlimited customers using large amounts of data. It is not part of the information provided when promoting these plans.

Many consumers assume it is a normal case of poor connection, but a recent case against AT&T reveals otherwise. 

In a 2014 complaint by the FTC, AT&T, one of the largest ISPs in the country, faced accusations of data throttling. Recently, the ISP agreed to refund $60 million to customers as settlement for litigation brought by FTC.

It is a ground-breaking move that will change how consumers buy data plans in future. As a data consumer, it is important to understand how data throttling affects you and how you can stop it. 

Data Throttling in Detail 

When you buy an unlimited data plan, everything seems okay when browsing or using minimal data. However, everything changes when you start making large downloads.

Many people don’t even notice this fluctuation in speed or assume it is a normal occurrence. 

However, this is a deceptive practice by ISPs. Most ISPs slow down data speeds when users hit a certain limit but this is not in the contract.

If you have noticed slow speeds when downloading YouTube videos, streaming Netflix content or playing live online games, your ISP has most likely started throttling your data speeds. 

This is a practice that can greatly affect both individuals and businesses.  When using an unlimited data plan for multiple users, you will have a big problem when your ISP starts throttling.

Large data users always go for unlimited packages to reduce the cost of an internet connection. 

Many businesses now have online platforms from where you can access services but you need a good connection for great user experience. 

For instance, most casinos for U.S. players now have live dealer games and no-download games, which require a steady connection. 

When playing your favorite game, the last thing you want is a slow connection to ruin the experience. If you were in the process of downloading a game, you might have to wait for a longer time yet your ISP has promised unlimited data and fast speeds. Data throttling is thus inconveniencing and can affect businesses depending on online services. 

How to Avoid ISP Data Throttling 

Using a VPN (virtual private network) is the easiest way to sidestep your ISP’s attempts to slow down your data speeds. VPNs work by encrypting your data.

This ensures your ISP cannot track your data packets to discover r large downloads. You can download content without any fears of slow speeds.

If you love down streaming video content, a VPN is your best bet to overcome the frustrations of ISP data throttling. 

Final Thoughts 

The lawsuit against AT&T by FTC finally confirms what data consumers have all along feared. ISPs have for a long time, promised fast unlimited data while at the same time including caveats in small print.

If you want to enjoy your gaming experience, music downloads or any other high data consumption online activities, it is time to stop data throttling with a VPN.