Benefits Of Staying In a Serviced Apartment

By  //  November 24, 2019

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If you are someone who always remains on the go, narrowing down to a suitable stay option becomes crucial.

If you are someone who always remains on the go, narrowing down to a suitable stay option becomes crucial.

However, with a plethora of available alternatives, the choice is bound to become arduous.

This guide aims to showcase some of the outstanding perks you get with serviced apartments.

Way more spacious

Arranging meetings in a hotel room can quickly become cumbersome, which is why you must be proactive about looking for furnished apartments near me.

A prominent factor that pulls business travelers towards well-furnished apartments is the additional space they serve. 

Typically, serviced apartments tend to possess 30-40% more available space that can be leveraged for meetings, relaxation, and whatnot. 

Have a more prominent location

You can’t have a tough time hunting a suitable service apartment in any significant travel destination or business location. 

This means your business trips are going to be hassle-free if you pick these apartments over hotels.

Longer stays are incredibly pocket-friendly

Business trips often end up getting extended without a foremost idea. Adding days to the hotel stay will inevitably dig holes in your pocket, thus negating the purpose of keeping your trip cost-effective. 

Since serviced apartments benefit from a reduced VAT of 4% for stays longer than 28 days, your best bet is to book one beforehand.

Equipped with meeting arenas

These apartments can aid the business meeting experience as most of these have a tailored area dedicated to this purpose. 

Nonetheless, the ample space you get will viably allow you to get along with meeting hours without being stressed.

Offer an immense degree of security

When it comes to security measures instilled in the place, serviced apartments turn out to be an unparalleled match to hotel rooms. 

They remain furnished with CCTV cameras and round the clock security personnel so that you can reap the best experience.