Check This Out To Look For Quality Domains For Your PBNs

By  //  November 12, 2019

It has become a given that any company needs some form of online presence or the other to make it in such a competitive world where everything is online.

It has become a given that any company needs some form of online presence or the other to make it in such a competitive world where everything is online.

Whatever line of work or industry you are in, it is a safe bet that your competition is using digital means to reach people and advertise their products or services.

This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is more important now than ever, and companies are spending a lot of money to get good results. Backlinking is one of the most successful SEO strategies out there –– when another site links back to yours, which boosts your search engine ranking. 

It is not always easy, though, to get other websites to link back to yours, and this is where private blog networks (PBN) come in.

They are basically authoritative websites that you can use to link back to your own, which is often referred to as the money website, improving your search engine ranking in the process.

This is important for building credibility and gaining users’ trust, but to get there, you need domains. PBN domains are ones that already have inbound links from respectable websites, and you can use them for your SEO efforts. But how do you find those quality domains?

What are the available domains?

1. Auction Domains

These are basically what the name implies, domains that are no longer available because the owner has elected not to renew, and as such, they will go to auction for the highest bidder.

Believe it or not, there are actually thousands of those coming up every day! So, you can easily find one and start bidding on it. The trick is in finding the right one that will not break the bank and cost you a fortune. 

2. Expired domains

Expired domains, on the other hand, have already been lapsed, and no one is using them, so you could get yourself one for the low price of $10 –– the registration fee. It is basically like buying yourself a new domain, but the difference is that some of these might have good metrics, which means they can be quite beneficial for your SEO efforts. 

How to find a good domain?

There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration before getting yourself a domain.

Those metrics are the difference between a good and a poor one, but you can’t solely rely on a metric like page rank, because if you go bidding on one that has a high rank, it could cost you a fortune. There are other points to take into consideration like Trust Flow and Domain Authority. 

Finding tools to help you locate quality expired domains 

Fortunately, like anything you are looking for on the internet, there are dedicated tools out there that can help you find the right domains.

Fortunately, like anything you are looking for on the internet, there are dedicated tools out there that can help you find the right domains.

The trick in finding the proper tools that won’t give you any shady domains; a platform that I’ve used recently to find quality domains for my PBNs proved quite efficient and helpful for several reasons.

For starters, they had an entire database of expired domains with backlink data, which will help you find all the information you need before making any purchase.

They also have quite a few domains with quality links from reputable websites like Wikipedia and BBS.

They even offer some of the best SEO metrics you can find in the market, which is quite important if you want to rank higher on search engines for people to find you. 

Finding tools to help locate auctioned domains 

Your goal is to find a domain about to expire, going into auction, and getting it for the best price so you don’t spend a lot of money going through a bidding war with someone else. While there are other approaches to it, using auction websites to help you is always a good approach.

You can definitely find more powerful domains like this if compared to scraping, which is not as effective or practical since it relies on just how fast you are at picking up a domain that someone is dropping. 

There are several auction websites you can use to find a domain that is both powerful and affordable, like NameJet which offers some really high-quality options, NameCheap Auctions that has a lot of options for you to choose from, and GoDaddy Auctions which has been around for a very long time and used to be the hottest domain auction website at some point. 

Factors to consider before buying a domain

The kind of backlinks 

Having a lot of backlinks is good, but it is not a deciding factor when you do decide to buy a domain. You need high-quality backlinks that wouldn’t cause you problems if associated with your brand name.

That means the domain can’t have any pornographic links or content, and it shouldn’t also link to any cheap products or stores, because that is really a bad image for you and your business. You definitely want to steer clear of poker domains and the likes. 

Spam checks 

The last thing you want is to buy a domain that was used as a phishing site or in illegal gambling. Being associated with domains like those can be quite problematic for you, so you need to make sure the domain has proper spam checks and you should also dive into its history to find out what exactly it was used for in the past. 


The fact is, Google likes older domains, and they are given preferential treatment when it comes to search engine ranking. This is why it is always best to opt for older domains that have been around for a while, because why would Google give a high ranking on its search results to one that nobody has ever heard of? 

It is imperative that you spend the time and put in the effort needed to find quality domains for your business. It will significantly reflect on your search engine ranking, which is the core of any proper digital marketing strategy.

It’s quite simple really; the higher your rank on search engines like Google, the more visible you will become for your target audience, and the more money your business will be making.