Restylane vs Radiesse: Сomparison of the Fillers

By  //  November 26, 2019

Contouring plasty is being improved year by year and it remains one of the most popular procedures for skin rejuvenation.

Contouring plasty is being improved year by year and it remains one of the most popular procedures for skin rejuvenation.

In this regard, more and more preparations are becoming available on the market of aesthetic pharmacology for these purposes, which makes it very difficult for both patients and cosmetologists to understand their properties.

When it comes to products with the same active substance, there is no essential difference between them. In this case it is more of a subtlety of correction of certain skin areas, the specialist’s individual preferences and the client’s wishes.

But if we discuss radically different products, it is much more difficult to give a clear answer (for example, which is better – Radiesse or Restylane).

We will try to gain an understanding of the differences and peculiarities of these two products that are based on different components.

Hyaluronic Acid and Possibilities of Restylane Fillers

Restylane fillers are among the most common preparations based on hyaluronic acid which retains water in the body. There are practically no side effects when working with these preparations.

Their main disadvantage is the short duration of the action. The preparation is removed from the body in a natural way some months later. 

Restylane fillers from supplier are successfully used:

  • To improve facial contours in the event of age-related changes
  • To correct wrinkles (except for very superficial wrinkles) and folds (except for very deep ones)
  • To improve the complexion of the face and skin vitality

If you need to deal with deeper wrinkles or add volume to cheeks, it is best to look for a preparation in Radiesse catalog as this brand gives an excellent result in this area. 

Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Possibilities of Radiesse Fillers

Radiesse fillers have a radically different chemical composition compared to Restylane gels. They are based on calcium hydroxyapatite, a natural component found in our body, an important part of the bone tissue.

The compatibility with our cells completely eliminates the possibility of rejection of the agent during and after the procedure.

The two main advantages of Radiesse over Restylane are:

  • A very long retention period in tissues with preserved visual effect
  • The possibility of performing contouring plasty in patients with allergies to hyaluronic acid

The mechanism of action is based on full interaction with macrophage cells that absorb the carrier gel, start the synthesis of new building proteins and contribute to the creation of microspheres using their own tissue and calcium hydroxyapatite, which provide a natural correction effect.

Such a unique compound is preserved in the dermis for up to 2 years and more, and the risk of inflammation, migration and other side effects is almost absent.

Radiesse is a very dense filler which is not recommended for fine lines and lip volumizing, as it is better to use more delicate and softer hyaluronic acid gels.

But for areas prone to swelling, Radiesse is the best option, as it does not retain moisture which is sometimes the cause of a swollen face.

The side effects are the same. They will depend on three factors:

  • the cosmetologist’s incompetence;
  • the patient’s failure to follow all medical recommendations;
  • individual reaction of the body.

Which is better, Radiesse or Restylane, is a difficult question. The most important things are the cosmetologist’s experience and knowledge, the ability to assess the peculiarities and condition of the skin, to anticipate the future effects and to clearly tell the patient about the possible risks and consequences.

Only a competent choice and an individual approach will help to achieve the desired effect and enjoy beautiful and rejuvenated skin for a long time.