Seven Interesting Tips to Maximize Your Trip to Egypt

By  //  November 7, 2019

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One of the most interesting places to visit in Africa is Egypt with its vast landed dunes and the long river Nile that has added beauty to the coastland.

One of the most interesting places to visit in Africa is Egypt with its vast landed dunes and the long river Nile that has added beauty to the coastland.

There are beautiful places, people and cultures to encounter. Reading this article would mean you have either booked your flight on a trip to Egypt or you’re truly thinking about going. In any case, that is awesome!

To help you enjoy your trip to Egypt, here are seven things to know/do. 

Get the right accommodation

In Egypt, accommodation should never be about somewhere to just lay your head at night. It should be somewhere that can easily connect you to your destinations and where you can get a perfect view of the country’s scenery/liveliness.

Staying at a place with a good road network to your prospective destinations is a plus. You can also get hotels with a view overlooking the seas, or ones with ancient history on their wall. 

Choose your food spot 

To make your trip to Egypt an amazing one, you have to know core places. An example of places to know includes where to get the best local dishes or international cuisines.

Foods are important and it is important you find a spot to eat what appeals to you without worry. Maximize your stay in Egypt by looking up places to get the best foods.

Hire a Car

The beauty of Egypt and its ancient cities of civilization are better enjoyed when traveled by road. While following a bus is a good option, you may not be able to fully savor the atmosphere if you don’t sit by the window.

Hiring a car is a better option that lets you take a pause on the road to admire places. 


The unit of money used in Egypt is the Egyptian pound (£E or LE). You should know the currencies and the various denominations. You don’t want to be given piastres (pt) instead of a pound. Some con folks might play the prank on foreigners. It may also be a great idea to have somewhere trusted to change your currencies to the local’s. 

Prepare to cool off 

The weather in Egypt is generally hot, except if you would be visiting in December when things are a little bit cold in the morning and late at night. Package light clothes that would help you against the heat. You may also bring some swimming gear if you would’ like to spend some time at the waterfront. You really should. 


The weather can be pretty hot and you may feel the need to wear flip flops to get your legs aired. Since you will be doing a lot of strolling, and in some sandy regions, it is better to invest in quality pairs of footwear that can keep your legs warm and enclosed. You, sure don’t want messy feet.

A tour guide 

Tour guides come in handy. They provide information about places and things. You should get one for companionship and guidance. It’d be more fun if your guide has a sense of humor.