What is the Advantage of Online Casinos Over Land-Based Casinos?

By  //  November 16, 2019

There are several reasons why it might be better to play online casinos when compared to traditional casinos? There are several benefits to consider.

There are several reasons why it might be better to play online casinos when compared to traditional casinos? There are several benefits to consider.

Why do most people prefer the only variant of casino play?

Whereas online casinos were previously a niche market, they have quickly overtaken the traditional casino variation.

What are the benefits of playing with online options such as JackpotCity Casino when we compare these to the traditional land-based casinos? We have a number of different reasons for you. 

It is way more convenient 

How much more convenient is it to be able to play your favorite games whenever it is right for you? You don’t need to drive to the casino, you don’t need to pay for entry, you don’t need to get dressed up, you can play whenever it is right for you.

Why worry about opening hours when you can just go at any time? Even better, you can probably play on your commute if you decide that is what you want to do.

What about gathering some big winnings when you are waiting for an appointment? That is not something that you could do if you were waiting to play in a traditional casino.

Enjoy the free online games

How many games do you think you can play for free at traditional casino games? Most of the online casinos that you are going to find online are going to give you a free option to play just about any game you want to play.

That gives you a chance to see if a game is right for you (that way, you aren’t throwing your money away for trying something that you might not like), and it also gives you a chance to get better at the game that you are going to play. Online casinos do not have to worry about giving ‘free players a chance to play.

The casino bonus options

When you look at a land-based casino, there are very few bonus options. After all, why would they be inclined to give you bonuses? Often they are the only game in town, and there is no incentive for them to give something back.

Compare that to the online casinos where they are virtually in competition with the entire world. They can give you many more bonus options to entice you to play with them — just another reason why online casinos are a clear winner.

Game selection 

When you look at the typical casinos, they only have room for a limited number of slot machines and table games. At some point, they run out of space to put things.

Compare that to an online casino, and they have no such problem. They can add 50 more slots without it mattering.

The only thing that they need is a license for the game, and they are good to go. That means that you often have many more options at an online casino than you would have at a traditional casino. 

A variety of bet sizes

Most online casinos allow you to bet whatever you want to bet – often, you get smaller bet sizes. The overhead in a land-based casino is much higher, which means that people often require much higher bets.

In an online casino, you can usually bet for much lower amounts. This is great for people who are not considered high-rollers and who want to experience the thrill of playing for actual money. 

Better payout percentage

An online casino doesn’t need as much overhead to stay afloat. They are going to be able to pay out a high much higher rate than a traditional casino.

These savings are frequently translated to the customer because the casino wants to ensure that they are competitive when it comes to other online casinos that a player could join. This makes online options far more attractive.