Where Are the Best Places to Travel for a Cheap Holiday?

By  //  November 19, 2019

Travelling often gets a bad reputation for being expensive, but some destinations are costlier than others.

Travelling often gets a bad reputation for being expensive, but some destinations are costlier than others.

We’ve taken a look at this tool from Starling to find some of the most affordable destinations around the world, from your hotel stay to getting around the city, eating and visiting the top attractions that each location has to offer. 


From the Great Wall of China to Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven, Beijing has a lot to offer travelers to this beautiful part of the world. But better yet, Beijing is a great destination for the budget conscious and you can get a lot for your money here. An average day in Beijing will cost you just under £42.

Three meals here will average at £10.53, while you can enjoy a round trip on public transport for less than £1. A night in a hotel in this city comes in at around £23.99 and the average cost of a ticket to one of the many attractions here is around £6.32. 

Kuala Lumpur

For just over £40 a day, you can explore the sights of Kuala Lumpur, as well as eat, drink and enjoy a restful night’s sleep at the end of it all.

The capital of Malaysia has a wide variety of attractions that make it one of the most visited cities in the country. A night in a hotel here will cost around £25.33, while three meals a day will only set your budget back £8.76 each day.

Transport in Kuala Lumpur costs around £1.18 for one round trip and tickets to an attraction such as the Batu Caves or Dataran Merdeka, will cost just over £5 per person. 


Istanbul is a colourful and vibrant city that makes for a fantastic city break destination. It’s the cultural, historic and economic hub of Turkey, but it’s also incredibly affordable, costing a total of £35.51 on average per day.

This total includes your hotel stay for the night at £18.07, three meals at £12.78 and a round trip using public transport at £0.74.

There are many attractions in Istanbul that are popular with tourists, including the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, and the average cost of a ticket to sights such as this is less than £4. 


The city of Cairo is a bustling haven for history lovers, with a host of ancient Egyptian wonders such as the Pyramid of Djoser to explore. A day in Cairo will cost you just £29.22, with a hotel stay setting you back around £14.42. Public transport is incredibly cheap here, with a round trip costing £0.49, so you can explore further afield without it breaking the bank.

Food in Cairo is also very affordable, with three meals a day costing £10.35 per person. To explore the many attractions and landmarks that the city has to offer will cost you around £3.96 for a ticket price on average. 


Delhi is the cheapest city to visit in this list, with the average cost of a day spent here costing only £28.22. This city is rich in culture and has a wonderfully vivacious atmosphere, and attractions here are cheap to visit with the average cost of a ticket around £3.21.

A hotel stay in Delhi will cost you an average of £15.80 per night while three meals throughout the day will only set your budget back £8.52.

You can travel the city cheaply using the public transport system, which costs around £0.69 for a round trip, making it easy to explore everything that Delhi has to offer.