CBD Capsules – CBD Pills: What Are They?

By  //  December 23, 2019

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The last few years have seen a massive shift in the CBD industry, both in terms of the products available and the people who are using these products.

The last few years have seen a massive shift in the CBD industry, both in terms of the products available and the people who are using these products. There was a time when CBD was considered a niche product, something that was not always easy to find and only really used by the most health-conscious people.

The way that we think about CBD has changed, and it is now one of the widest used dietary supplements. Part of its popularity is due to the increased media attention that CBD has received, with new research highlighting all of the potential health benefits of taking CBD.

It is not just the people who are using CBD that has changed, though; the ways in which CBD is being consumed has also changed to keep up with its growing demand. 

More and more people are seeking quick and convenient ways to take CBD without having to mess around with bottles of CBD oils and unpredictable dosage. This is where CBD capsules come in, offering a super-fast, discreet, and precise way to consume CBD.

Most brands such as Purekana now offer their customers a wide range of CBD capsules alongside their line of CBD oils. So, let’s take a look at precisely what CBD capsules are and whether they could transform the way that you use CBD. 

What Are CBD Capsules and Pills?

CBD capsules and pills contain a very similar list of ingredients as CBD oils and, in turn, have almost identical health benefits. Some brands have carefully designed their CBD capsules based off of their tried and tested CBD oil formulas, adding just one ingredient to hold the capsules together.

CBD capsules are made using highly concentrated CBD oil, allowing capsules to be small and easy to swallow while retaining the same dosage as CBD oils. Much like CBD oils, capsules will very often contain binding oil such as coconut, or another healthy vegan oil.

What sets capsules apart from regular CBD oils is the addition of either glycerin or gelatin, which holds all of the ingredients together and forms the outer shell of the capsule or pill.

Some companies will also add additional ingredients to their CBD capsules, including extra vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, to enhance their health benefits. A very similar thing also occurs with CBD oils, making it essential to check the ingredients on your chosen CBD products so that you know exactly what you are taking.

How Do CBD Capsules and Pills Work?

CBD capsules and pills contain a precise dose of CBD, and can range from 5mg up to 50mg. This means that you are guaranteed the same amount of CBD with each capsule. Capsules are consumed in the same way as other medications and supplements that come in pill form, making them super discreet to use.

CBD capsules are processed through your body and into your digestive system, where their outer coating is broken down. Once the outer shell of the capsule has been broken down, the CBD contained within can be processed into your bloodstream, allowing it to work its way through your body.

CBD capsules must first be digested in the same way that food is within the body; before effects can be felt, capsules provide much slower results than using CBD oils sublingually. 

The slow release of CBD does balance out, however, with effects usually being much more long-lasting than some of the other ways that CBD can be consumed.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Capsules and Pills?

The main benefit of choosing CBD capsules and pills over some of the other forms of CBD available is how easy and discreet they are to consume. CBD capsules very often look just like regular capsules and come packaged in discreet containers, allowing you to use them even when out in public.

Additionally, the amount of CBD contained within each capsule is measured out using advanced laboratory equipment, guaranteeing you a precise dose with each capsule. Many of the other ways that CBD can be consumed involves having to measure out your dosage with each use and potential room for error.

CBD capsules and pills can be made using as few as three ingredients meaning that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Most of the CBD capsules that you can purchase from reputable retailers only use natural ingredients so that you can experience CBD as nature intended. 

Final Thoughts on CBD Capsules and Pills

If you are someone who often finds themselves not having enough time to work CBD into your daily routine, CBD capsules are an excellent alternative. CBD capsules and pills pack all of the same health benefits as CBD oils only in a much more convenient form.

When shopping for CBD capsules and pills, it is essential to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality products that you can genuinely trust. Brands such as Pure Kana, Provacan, and Premium Jane are a great place to start when shopping for CBD capsules, offering some of the best CBD capsules on the market.

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