Making Your Bedroom the Most Comfortable Place in Your House

By  //  December 23, 2019

There’s a famous adage that goes: “Your body is a temple.” Personally, I find that true and I also believe that if our body is a temple, then our bedroom is the lot where it sits.

So, it only follows that our body which is the temple should be placed in the midst of scenic space that is conducive to the expression of our most intimate ideas and is the utmost place for relaxation.

There are a few elements in a typical bedroom that you can fine-tune to make the most of the area. Personal preference is a major factor when making your bedroom match your taste of comfort.

You don’t really need a degree in internal design, nor architecture to make your personal space your representation of who you are.

Decorating Tips to Design an Attractive Outdoor Space

Here are some tips to make your bedroom, a cut above the other spaces in your house:

Space and location

Traditionally, bedrooms are spacious and allow you to designate a portion to work on some hobbies or a little library. But if you are part of the 80% of the Americans that live in urban cities, then a large bedroom is a luxury that not many can afford.

Modern designs have made bedrooms space-efficient and large spaces that are not important anymore. If you can fit your bedroom essentials like bed, wardrobe, side table and have easy access to the bathroom and the door with a little space to spare, then you got yourself a bedroom.

It doesn’t matter if your bedroom is on the second floor of your house or it’s just by the staircase. As long as you have good ventilation and you are not trapped in case of a fire.

A room that faces the sunrise is preferable to improve your mood throughout the day and it also gives you a cool breeze in the afternoon.

Make a bed of roses – not literally!

Roses have thorns so it’s not ideal to sleep on them. But the expression refers to comfort and having a comfortable bed to make sleep come easy is very important. Thirty percent of adults suffer from insomnia and having an uncomfortable bed doesn’t help with that problem.

People move around in their sleep, but a person will have a preferred position where they spend most of their time on. There are some considerations in every pose that is why having a bed that fits your tendencies is a major item. If you lie on your side, then you will be applying pressure on your shoulder, hips and arms.

Finding the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers is important if this applies to you because this will give you much better sleep at night. The size of the bed will have to depend on your bedroom if you can fit a bigger mattress, then you are lucky to have a bigger real estate for sleep.

Lights on. Lights off.

Lighting is an important factor when you work on designing your bedroom. This does not only refer to room lights, but also natural light. You will need to consider your windows and drapes for the natural light to flow into the room.

When you want to have some light reading at night or finish up on some of your work, then adequate lighting on your desk is enough. If you prefer to have work done on your bed or anywhere in the bedroom, then it would be nice to have multi-colored lights in the room.

The usual shades of light widely available are daylight, warm and cool white and they come in a single package so you won’t have to install 3 different light bulbs. Placement of the light switches is also important and having easy access to it when you’re in bed or walking into the room makes a lot of difference.

Make the necessary arrangements

If you are most people, then you would want your personal and essential items in your bedroom. Good room arrangement is important in making your place comfortable.

If you have a study table then it would be nice to have near a window so that you can use the natural light in the morning and save the cost of electricity. Installing shelves overhead is also a great way to save floor space, you can place items that you don’t use daily on those shelves.

Placement of your wardrobe is often overlooked, but it is important to have enough space in front of it. This is for when you’d want to see yourself in the mirror when trying out an outfit or doing your make-up.

In placing these elements around your bedroom it is important to have a direct path to all of them. You wouldn’t want to find yourself stumbling on a chair or stool or having to move some things just so you can go to bed.

We can be creative in decorating or setting up our bedroom and it will always feel like something can be moved or change to make an improvement. Thus is our nature to always try to make things better.

To paraphrase a quote “making our beds is the first step in making our world better and if ever we fail, then a made bed is already waiting for us.”

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