New Pixel 4: More Powerful and Cheaper Than the iPhone 11

By  //  December 3, 2019

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The Google Pixel has arrived, which should come with a great deal of anticipation, expect the fact we already knew everything about it. It’s been an on-going disaster for the tech giants, as we’ve seen a catalog of leaks leading up to the launch.

The Google Pixel has arrived, which should come with a great deal of anticipation, expect the fact we already knew everything about it. It’s been an on-going disaster for the tech giants, as we’ve seen a catalogue of leaks leading up to the launch. 

It seems there’s not a lot to learn about the Pixel 4 at its official release. However, there are some points worth discussing now we have it and can breakdown about everything it has to offer and assess whether it can become a major player on the market. 

H3 So what’s new?

The handset comes as the Pixel 4 (5.7in), and 4 XL (6.7in). The Pixel was launched at the competitive price of $799 and comes with a dual-camera system, which consists of a wide-angle 12-megapixel camera and a 16-megapixel 2 telephoto camera, with up to 3x hybrid zoom.

The camera, which is the main point of contention between the major tech companies when vying for the customer’s interest, comes with Google’s next-generation “night sight” technology

One of the key features of the camera, which aims to set itself ahead of the rest, is its ability to resolve the issue of backlighting for users.

In the current social climate, the necessity for high-quality cameras, coupled with the function to edit your own photos all within the device could draw the gaze of the consumer. 

Another key feature is the local speech recognition technology, which helps to transcribe live text but without the use of the internet.

The appeal is that it doesn’t require the internet to function, which is beneficial for poor internet connections, but more so due to the fact it allows for greater privacy of your recordings. 

Aside from that, the only changes we’ve seen are minor. The Device’s RAM has gone up to 6GB and the battery is basically the same.

The upgrade in hardware will allow users to navigate live sites and apps that are constantly feeding new data, such as gambling apps or sites, with flawless response and functionality. 

The new handset doesn’t feature a headphone jack, which for many people isn’t a problem as modern headphones and speakers are equipped with Bluetooth.

This isn’t the case for everyone, and similarly with iPhone when they release the iPhone 7, it doesn’t suit a lot of consumer’s needs.

Finally and without a doubt, the biggest feature of the Pixel 4, is Google’s Soli radar technology.

The new technology allows for hands-free actions on your device for a variety of different functions and apps, such as silencing alarms, changing tracks and selecting options on menus. Similarly to Apple’s iPhone X Face ID technology, it will detect the user’s presence and has Google’s Face Unlock 3D facial-recognition technology. 

With the introduction of new technology, one notable omission is the fingerprint scanner, opting to rely entirely on Face ID. This may cause issues for users with apps and functions that are currently reliant on fingerprint access. However, Google has said that it aims to work with app developers to iron-out issues that may arise. 

H2 Can Windows compete with the rest?

Based on the specs alone, it seems unlikely there will be a huge shift in consumer interest from the major companies to rush out and grab the new Pixel 4.

However, it does offer a phone at a cheaper price and with similar technology to that the other companies are offering at a much higher price. 

However, there does appear to be a different kind of opportunity for Google to take advantage of Huawei’s woes. The ban enforced by the Trump administration has left an opportunity for Google to take advantage of the vacuum left by Huawei’s blacklisting, specifically in Europe.

If the Pixel wants to make a dent in the industry, they must strive to seize these kinds of opportunities and capitalize on them. Reports of the ban having minimal effect on the Chinese tech giants show that Google must act quickly. It feels like the ball is very much in Google’s court on this one and they must act if they want to succeed. 

On balance, it feels like the Pixel 4 is an excellent phone with quality new features and provides a different experience to that of the Pixel 3. But it still lacks that entrancing look, or feature, that will enable it to really topple the likes of Apple and Samsung from their perch.