State Attorney Phil Archer Honors Staff Members Who Have Demonstrated Commitment to Service

By  //  December 23, 2019


LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Lynch, Francis DeMuro, Meghan Biordano, Sue Schmid, Megan Diaz, Laura Murray and Michael Hunt. (State Attorney Phil Archer image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – State Attorney Phil Archer presented his “Pride in Excellence” awards o members of his staff who have demonstrated a commitment to service that goes beyond the requirements of their position.

“Considerations for the award include volunteer work in our community, outstanding performance and achievement in their position, teamwork and assistance to others and providing exceptional service to victims and their families,” said Archer.

“I’m very proud to recognize the following members of my staff with the Pride in Excellence Award; Assistant State Attorneys Michael Lynch, Francis DeMuro, Michael Hunt, George Gaspard, Chelsea Buckholtz, Richard Babcock, Lara Guttentag, Matt Futch, Shantanu Patel, Tyrone Polk, Olivia Yergey, and Stewart Stone; along with Secretaries Meghan Biordano, Sue Schmid, Marianne Reynolds, Katie Morrow, Debbie Fuller, Sinead Egert, Tammy Sarver, and Betty Coit; Investigators Larry Duguay, and Brooks Sanderson; Witness Manger Jackie Brown; Victim Advocates Michelle Collier, and Kathy Dudley; Fiscal Administrators Megan Diaz, and Laura Murray.

“Congratulations everyone and thank you for your outstanding service!” said Archer.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Babcock, Jackie Brown, Michelle Collier, Lara Guttentag and Matt Futch. (State Attorney Phil Archer image)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Tyrone Polk, Katie Morrow, Debbie Fuller, Sinead Egert and Olivia Yergey. (State Attorney Phil Archer image)
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