Are Escape Rooms Charleston’s Newest Obsession?

By  //  January 28, 2020

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Escape rooms offer the visitors fun challenges, puzzles, scary scenarios themes, and the participant has to get out of the room in 60 minutes.

Escape rooms offer the visitors fun challenges, puzzles, scary scenarios themes, and the participant has to get out of the room in 60 minutes.

This new type of entertainment has taken over the world and escape rooms are now popping up in every city, offering a variety of themes and difficulty levels for all visitors to enjoy.

Escape rooms are extremely popular all over America, the United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe but slowly but surely the rest of the world is catching up with this type of entertainment as well.

Why escape rooms became so popular

Escape rooms do vary greatly in the type of entertainment they provide. While all of them can be categorized as somewhat stressful and full of pressure to complete the tasks on time there is a lot of room to play with when it comes to activities, themes and puzzles that the escape rooms throw open their visitors.

What people really love about these escape rooms is that there is really nothing quite like it on the entertainment market.

Escape rooms are fun, exciting but also require quite a lot of brainwork and creative thinking in order for the participants to get out of the room in time.

It’s a unique blend of task resolution, excitement, fun, surprises all which can be enjoyed with friends and families. It is a great way to bond with people, which is why so many offices chose escape rooms as their bonding activity outside of work.

Charleston is by no means an escape room capital, but over the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more escape room pop up here and there that have been getting quite popular. 

Break out Charleston is one of the most popular escape rooms in town and offers a couple of different themes and variations at the same time.

You can rent out the entire room or choose to pay less and just play with a couple of strangers. If you are going with a larger group you will probably need to consult with the place first to make sure that they have enough space to accommodate however many people you are going with but generally, all escape rooms are meant to be playing with groups of 6 or less. 

Who is the best audience for an escape room?

Escape rooms can be a great date for a first date or even a family reunion. The reason they are so popular is partial that they help to break the ice immediately.

People often chose to go to an escape room with those people that they wish to connect with but haven’t yet. It is a great way to get all the awkwardness of starting the conversation out of the way and to just get working.

What so many people love about escape rooms is that they offer so much variety. In the last year or two, we’ve seen many escape rooms that are based on different popular movies or players or pop-culture personas.

An escape room is a great medium through which to adapt a popular theme and then make it even more entertaining by adding the element of mystery to it.

The U.K has a huge selection of movie-themed escape rooms which you can see at London escape rooms website with themes from movies like Sherlock, or the joker, which helps bring the new groups of people to try out escape rooms

Usually, those who enjoy a good challenge love escape rooms and enjoy the pressure of having to get out of the room in just under an hour, but escape rooms are still primarily a group activity that people need to do together.

Collaborating is a huge part of escape room type entertainment since it is very much focused on teamwork and building connections and playing up different people’s strength communicating is a crucial part of every escape room.

Since the stakes are high and the environment is stressful not everyone will be able to solve everything by themselves so they will always have to work together with their teammates which is precisely what makes this game so popular.

While most younger people enjoy this game, it’s mostly because they are more willing to try new things first. As mentioned above there are a lot of companies that use escape rooms for their corporate events so escape rooms are definitely not limited to kids and teenagers only.

Quite contrary there are actually some escape rooms that are exclusive for adults and sometimes couples. Escape rooms are very inclusive when it comes to who’s allowed to play and who’s not.

Since the escape rooms are now popping up at a rapid speed in Charleston too, it’s not too unrealistic to assume that this year the Escape rooms will also become one of the top entertainment services in Charleston as well.

While there are a couple of escape rooms functioning already, we will likely see some new escape games popping up here and there all across Charleston.

The few escape rooms that function have quite a loyal following and this year their customer base will probably be increasing even more.

Entertainment of the future

Escape rooms are a new sort of entertainment and service providers themselves don’t even know all the ways that they could explore this concept in the future, which means that we could even witness new spins on escape rooms in the near future, where the industry I’ll expand and be able to entertain an even larger groups of people.

Escape rooms are quite affordable, especially if you go with a group and split the cost of the room. It will cost you around the same price as going to the movies and maybe getting a small popcorn.

It is a great alternative to some of the more mainstream ways to spend the weekend and it can actually help you relax and destress much further because it is engaging on a much more personal level than for example watching a movie or getting dinner with a friend. 

Its many perks are why so many people are obsessed with them and why they manage to take over the entertainment industry and win the hearts of so many people.