Four Things That Could be Making Your Household Sick

By  //  January 23, 2020

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When we consider the home, we think of things like safety, love, and general wellness. However, there are things present in every home that could be making the family sick.

When we consider the home, we think of things like safety, love, and general wellness. However, there are things present in every home that could be making the family sick.

And unfortunately, they aren’t so obvious. In this post, we’ll review four things in your home that could be a potential source of sickness.


Mold can grow on many surfaces, from walls and floors to carpet, and even furniture. Unfortunately, you may not even recognize that you have a mold problem until your family members start to get sick. Mold grows on moist surfaces, and these areas tend to be out of sight in the home. As a result, you may not notice the growth for a while.

Mold can infect the air in your home, causing allergic reactions like sneezing, running nose, and even skin rashes. The symptoms are even worse if anyone in your family has any mold allergies.

They could develop severe reactions, like shortness of breath and asthma. If you notice any mold growth in your home, you should hire some mould removal Melbourne professionals. 

Your air conditioning system

As surprising as it sounds, your air conditioning and HVAC system could be making certain members of your family sick.

If you notice a persistent and unyielding sickens, like the flu, being passed among family members, you should consider checking your air conditioning system. These systems don’t pull in fresh air from the outside; they just recycle the air in the home.

If you add dirty filters and secret mildew growth to the mix, you get a potentially hazardous environment. To protect yourself and your household from this problem, you should consider changing your air filters frequently. Also, open the windows and doors as often as possible to let in some fresh air.

Your bathrooms

Bathrooms can also contribute significantly to a mold and mildew problem. As you know, bathrooms have a lot of moisture and heat, both in the air and on the floor.

Not to mention, they are recipients of human by-products, either in the form of dead skin or poop.

Additionally, some factors can increase the chances that your bathrooms can make you and your family sick. They include cross-contamination from things like shared towels and bathmats, and improper cleaning and hand washing.

If you address these factors, you can protect your family from the health dangers that they pose.

How you handle your food

Some studies have shown that foodborne illnesses account for a significant part of all illnesses experienced by human beings. While they don’t have the highest rates, they are still worth the precautions. The environment and procedure that you use to prepare your food contribute to its overall health status.

For most people, unsafe food preparation may not cause more than a few hours of stomach upset. After a trip to the toilet and some abdominal discomfort, they feel better.

However, these unsafe methods can lead to more severe effects in people with weak immune systems. You should pay attention to how you cook, serve, and store your food. You should also ensure that you only get your ingredients from reliable sources.