The Latest Industrial Automation Trends Impacting Florida Industries

By  //  January 27, 2020

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Over 650 global automation executives attended this year’s A3 Business Forum in Orlando, Florida. The networking event is hosted annually by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). (Association for Advancing Automation image)

Over 650 global automation executives attended this year’s A3 Business Forum in Orlando, Florida. The networking event is hosted annually by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).

At the event, executives discuss industrial automation technology and how companies can solve issues with it. As a business owner in Florida, these conversations regarding automation can directly impact your company’s operations.

If you want to learn about the latest industrial automation trends impacting Florida industries, read this post. 

The Industries Affected By Automation

In order to fully understand how business automation trends can impact your company, you need to first learn which industries are being affected throughout Florida.

Experts predict that the aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare and transportation industries will be among the most impacted by automation machines.

Studies suggest that the food and beverage industry, energy industry and mining industry will also start adopting automation technologies to increase productivity levels.

If your Florida business operates under one of these industries, you need to prepare for the future of industrial automation and follow the current trends.

The Adoption Of Advanced Software Technologies

Another major industrial automation trends that is currently impacting Florida businesses is the adoption of advanced software technologies.

One of the most significant of these emerging technologies is containerization. Software container technology has taken several industries by storm due to its developmental benefits.

Containerization tools such as JFrog Container Registry and Docker Hub accelerate development processes for businesses. Such tools enable companies to build applications quickly and run apps from anywhere.

Companies that have transitioned to containerization platforms have also reduced their costs due to faster work speeds.

These are all reasons to keep your eye on containerization. It is one of the most advanced software technology trends impacting the industrial automation movement in Florida.

Implementing Multi-Touch Technology 

One of the most prominent industrial automation trends impacting Florida industries is multi-touch technology. This type of technology particularly affects suppliers and manufacturers in Florida. Simply put, multi-touch technology enables surfaces to recognize several points of contact at once.

It offers users faster speeds, more power and increased flexibility in plant floor operator applications. You can swap out your old, single-touch technology efficiently by incorporating multi-touch technology right into your products.

Some platforms already come equipped with multi-touch support so you can make the switch seamlessly. Follow this industrial automation trend that several Florida manufacturers are implementing. 

Increasing Demand For Robotics 

Moreover, robotics is an industrial automation trend that is impacting Florida businesses. There has been an increasing demand for robotic machines throughout the state because of the advantages they offer. Robots can fill empty roles and complete repetitive tasks faster than human workers. 

Industries can use AI-based industrial robots for part transfer, pick and place, packaging and semiconductor manufacturing tasks.

By using robotics for these purposes, you can improve your Florida company’s financial situation. Since robots complete tasks impressively fast, they offer quicker return on investments.

Robotics also increase savings because they do not need to take breaks, vacations or time off for being sick like regular workers. Robotics is an industrial automation trend that is currently trending in Florida. 

Using Artificial Intelligence 

In addition to the above industrial automation trends, artificial intelligence (AI) is also becoming more popular throughout Florida industries.

Artificial intelligence automates important tasks for businesses. For instance, you can use artificial intelligence to predict issues with your equipment before they even occur.

This allows you to prevent production problems altogether. Moreover, businesses are using AI to test solutions before fully implementing them.

By performing tests, you can determine whether a solution will benefit your company or not without disrupting the current flow of fulfillment or distribution operations.

Consider these benefits as you follow this industrial automation trend and track how it is impacting Florida companies. 

Executives discuss industrial automation trends at the annual A3 Business Forum in Orlando. Business owners can benefit from the discussions, predictions and decisions made at this conference.

In order to fully understand the conversations and trends being discussed, you must first familiarize yourself with the industries being impacted by automation. Recognize that one of the main industrial automation trends is multi-touch technology as well.

Another trend worth tracking is the adoption of advanced software technologies throughout sectors. Moreover, the demand for robotics has increased heavily across the board.

You can also use artificial intelligence to predict issues with equipment and test out new solutions risk-free. Follow these latest industrial automation trends that are changing business structures throughout Florida.