Best Internet Connection for Startups and Growing Businesses

By  //  February 6, 2020

Businesses have transformed a lot in the recent decade. Big and small companies are heavily dependent on the internet to download files, manage CRM, track social media campaigns, and stream audio or video files.

Businesses have transformed a lot in the recent decade. Big and small companies are heavily dependent on the internet to download files, manage CRM, track social media campaigns, and stream audio or video files.

Without high-speed internet, the businesses will come to a halt and may even suffer heavy losses. 

Speed is no doubt a big concern for every household and businesses are no exception. For this, startups and established businesses need to invest in high-speed internet. However, hunting for the best internet connection for growing business needs a lot of research and side-by-side comparison. 

In this post, we are going to help you find the best internet connection to help you grow your business. Therefore, let’s proceed


When it comes to finding the best internet connection, Spectrum has a lot to offer. If you are not comfortable signing a long-term contract, Spectrum Cable Internet has got you covered.

It offers download speed starting from 100Mbps to a whooping 940Mps. Stay stress-free and opt out of the plan anytime, in case you are not satisfied – you don’t need to pay an early termination fee. 

Spectrum offers cable internet services to most of the areas in the United States. Make sure to check the availability firsthand. The best thing about cable internet is that you can access the internet through the same cable modems used to deliver cable TV. Spectrum also offers fiber connections in some parts of the United States, and if you luckily live in any of those areas, you can opt for the blazing fast blessings fiber has to offer.  

Spectrum, unlike other ISPs, offers limited choices in terms of download speeds. For instance, you can subscribe to 100Mbps, 300/400Mbps and 940Mbps plan.

Make sure to choose the plan wisely as per your requirements and needs so you can be safe from unnecessary overpayments.

If you want to add more to the deal, you can opt for Spectrum Silver Triple Play, allowing you to have internet, telephone and cable TV as well, all bundled up in a sweet package. 


If Spectrum isn’t your thing, don’t worry, since Frontier is another option you can pick. Especially if you are a startup or in the maturity phase, you probably need a reliable internet connection at an affordable price.

It is quite difficult to manage paying huge amounts of money each month when your company has not even reached a break-even point. 

Frontier offers a wide range of internet packages that cater to the needs of a business. Without breaking the bank, you can subscribe to a suitable plan delivering high-speed internet.

Frontier also offers fiber plans in most parts of the country, which is significantly stronger than cable internet. Moreover, you can also choose a DSL plan to cut your costs. 

For businesses who want to avoid telephone can also go for Frontier. It offers AnyWhere VoIP service that offers a complete integrated voice system solution for businesses. Frontier’s highest download speed option costs you around $250 each month with 1000Mbps download speed. 

The best thing about Frontier is that you do not have to pay any extra charges at least for 36 months. No need to fear about price hikes and surprise charges.

If you are budget-savvy and want to reduce your expenses to a minimum, Frontier is the best internet connection you can opt for. 


If you are hunting for the best business internet connection, AT&T should not be ignored at all. Business internet plans from AT&T can offer download speeds up to a 1,000Mbps.

AT&T fiber plans are not the only option though, rather you can also find high-speed DSL plans, especially if you are a startup or in the initial phase to help you manage your budget more efficiently.  

AT&T fiber plans don’t bind you for a certain period because the plans are contract-free. However, if you are subscribing to DSL plans, you need to sign a 12-month contract.

Moreover, many fiber plans offered by AT&T allow you to choose symmetric speeds, but the prices are sky-high. If your business requires heavy uploading and sales software, make sure to consider plans with symmetric speeds. 


Whether you are running a small business or a big enterprise, high-speed internet is rapidly becoming a necessity. Especially, if you are in the service industry and need to deal with the clients often, you can’t afford to have slow internet with frequent disconnections and limited data caps.