How You Can Put Your Health First By Taking More Vacation Days

By  //  February 20, 2020

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Everyone loves a vacation, but you’d be surprised at how few of us actually take our vacation days and make the most of the time available.

Everyone loves a vacation, but you’d be surprised at how few of us actually take our vacation days and make the most of the time available.

It seems like a crazy thing to say, but so many Americans don’t take all of their vacation days and, therefore, don’t enjoy the many health and professional benefits that come from going away.

In a recent review of American vacation habits, it was found that the average worker only takes eight days off each year, with the accepted cut of allocated breaks meaning that employers are donated an average of $604 in work time due to unused vacation days.

There are many reasons for this, including nearly half of Americans saying that their workload is too heavy to take time off; but heavy and stressful workloads should emphasize the need for a break.

It’s important that you know the many benefits to your health that making the most of your vacation days will bring, as well as how best to utilize your well-earned time off to ensure that you reap the benefits.

Vacations benefit your health and work performance significantly

Workaholics will always bat aside the evidence that vacations good for them, saying that it’s stating the obvious and that it’s better to work than to take time off.

However, there is a mountain of evidence to support the many benefits that come with taking a vacation which benefits both your own wellbeing and your work life.

You’ll know the feeling that vacations bring you, but you may not have directly identified them as being caused by a good trip.

Taking a vacation will boost your energy levels, give you a natural high caused by the release of dopamine, and help to bring you more satisfaction to your entire life as you’re pleased that you’re being active with your precious leisure time.

In turn, these aspects have a tremendously positive impact on your work life. Recharging your batteries with a relaxing and enjoyable vacation will have you hitting the ground running when you return to work. It has also been found that workers who take vacation days often see a boost of up to ten percent in their end-of-year performance reviews.

Anyone who wants to succeed at work and look after their own wellbeing will be sure to use up every last second of their vacation days, utilizing the benefits that time away from the stresses of home and work life bring.

Where to go for your revitalizing vacation

The key to making the most of your vacation days is to pick an idyllic and relaxing location to escape to. Removing yourself from your day-to-day life is an important part of reaping the benefits of vacation time as it separates the stresses from home and work from your getaway.

To help reduce stress as much as possible, it’s also a good idea to pick a destination that boasts a large English-speaking population just to make everything a little bit easier.

An incredibly popular place in this regard is the stunning nation of New Zealand. In the leafy metropolis of Auckland, you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxed and diverse city lifestyle with plenty of entertainment options, including online gaming.

While trekking through the incredible vistas of NZ is a greatly fulfilling way to spend your vacation, the online casino bonuses are a great way to get started on relaxing when you’re ready for a break – especially as there are no-deposit bonuses – so don’t be afraid to do exactly what you want on your holiday!

If you don’t want to go quite as far afield, South Africa has to be on your shortlist. Just under 300 miles closer to Florida than Auckland, Cape Town offers mild climates, ocean views, and a cosmopolitan city to enjoy.

Furthermore, if you want to explore the natural wonder of the nation, you can go on a safari ride or a stroll through the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.

With South Africa, New Zealand, and other like the Philippines, Slovenia, Cuba, Belize all ready to accommodate English-speaking vacationers looking to retreat, relax, and enjoy themselves, you don’t have any excuse to let your vacation days expire this year.