Seven Business Ideas to Earn Money When Budget Is Tight

By  //  February 13, 2020

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Would you like to start a new business, but the money is tight? Many people are dealing with this problem, which is why we came up with business ideas that could help you establish a decent livelihood.

Would you like to start a new business, but the money is tight? Many people are dealing with this problem, which is why we came up with business ideas that could help you establish a decent livelihood.

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Are you ready to read our creative business ideas that don’t take a lot of investment? Let’s start right away!

1.  A Companion for Seniors

The statistics aren’t encouraging – in the United States, almost 50 million people aged over 65 are alone. Whether they are living in senior homes or on their own, they are surely craving for the company. You could be that companion who would spend days with them. If you have the required qualifications, think about offering advice to their families on the best ways to take care of them.

2.  Grocery Delivery

Here is another idea that could go hand in hand with previous ones. Older people might not be able to go to the store if the weather is bad, or it could be more convenient if someone else did the shopping for them.

That is where you come into play with your grocery delivery service. The only thing to consider is whether the supermarkets in your area already have grocery delivery. In that case, you might need to find a way to be competitive, and a solution might be to expand the delivery service to other items, too.

3.  Tutor

A tutoring service might be an area where you don’t need a huge investment to start. Depending on your level of knowledge, you can tutor anyone from elementary to high school and college. Think about the subjects you excelled at while you were at school, and focus on them.

The good news is that you can find plenty of fun and educational materials online, and the children already have the materials they should learn from for school.

4.  Video Content Creator

You’ve heard that YouTubers often make thousands of dollars monthly, so what’s stopping you from giving it a shot? You can open a YouTube channel for free and start earning from views, ads, sponsors, etc.

The only trick is that you need to be creative and interesting. That is why you should pick a topic you are passionate about, and look for a unique angle to present it. If you are great at games, you can also try streaming platforms like Twitch.

Although video content creation doesn’t require a lot of investment, you will still need a high-quality camera and a decent internet connection.

5.  Website Creation

Here is another great business idea that has to do with technology. Are you experienced with WordPress and other content management systems? Do you know how to design or code websites?

In that case, you can use that knowledge and start offering website creation services. If you are an expert developer, you can consider joining forces with a designer and content writer and you are ready to go.

All the investment you need is a computer, but what’s stopping you from doing the work on your personal PC?

6.  Catering

Are you a cooking enthusiast, or you are qualified to be a chef? If you don’t want to work in the restaurants yet, how about starting a catering business?

You could be creative and come up with different menus, such as vegan, traditional, Indian, etc. It is all about variety and meeting the special requests of the clients.

7.  Tour Guide

If you are a local who was born and raised in the area, how about becoming a tour guide? Tourists that are visiting your hometown might be looking for someone to give them a unique experience in the area.

You can take them to see the most popular sights, but also show the hidden gems and other unusual locations. Use the knowledge of the town to your advantage, and make the most out of their experience!