Seven Helpful Tips for Making Your Move Easier

By  //  February 15, 2020

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When you are about to move to another house, the initial feelings are usually those of excitement. It’s a great moment!

When you are about to move to another house, the initial feelings are usually those of excitement. It’s a great moment!

Of course, if you sold your house with it will have been a straightforward process. The idea of a fresh start among new faces is enough to get anyone overjoyed.

But once you find your new home, the second part of the transition kicks in.

That’s right, it’s the part where you have to pack up everything. All of a sudden, the excitement turns into a dreaded nightmare filled with boxes and bubble wrap.

Although, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Not if you do some planning and keep the following tips in mind. 

1. Pack Essentials Early 

If you think you’ll be in control on the day of the move, think again. Chances are you will feel stressed and frustrated, which is the state of mind that helps you forget all the important details.

Just like you can’t decide to start packing the night before the big move, make sure all your essentials are stored and ready. All those important documents and photos should be ready to go before anything else.

At the same time, prepare an overnight bag. Because when you get to your new place, the last thing you want to do is search through all those boxes for a toothbrush. 

2. Keep Your Screws Together 

It happens so quickly. One moment you are dismantling the bed, and the next thing you know, several of the screws have gone missing on the journey back to the reassembling stage.

You are not alone when it comes to losing screws during a move. Heck, some people lose them while staying in the same house.

But you can stay one step ahead of the rogue nuts and bolts by stocking up on some sandwich bags. And as you take apart the furniture, you throw the screws in the bag, label it, and tape it to a specific piece of furniture for good measure. It might sound like a lot of effort now, but it really pays off in the end. 

3. Outsource The Heavy-Duty Work 

Never underestimate the challenges of moving furniture and appliances. Especially when these have to go through small spaces. Or what if you are moving into an apartment on the third floor, and the elevator just happens to be out of order on the day you are supposed to go in?

Anything can happen on the big day, so you want to be prepared with extra hands and muscle. Alternatively, you can prepare with sack trucks.

These are very useful when moving big items and even stacks of boxes. Unfortunately, they cannot make the furniture or appliances any lighter.   

4. Make Those Boxes Stand Out 

One of the biggest problems you will be facing in your new home is the unpacking process. And if you think getting everything into the boxes is tougher, your view will switch pretty quickly once you stare at all those identical boxes. It is very difficult to find things or to remember in which box it was when you need it later.

Hence the reason for color-coding the boxes. You can also use different colored highlighters to write down the room where it needs to be stored. This way you can tell the contents of each box without even opening it. 

5. Cling Film Comes In Handy 

It might sound rather strange, but cling film can really help when moving. More specifically, it can decrease the number of boxes you are going to need.

If you wrap cling film around things like bookshelves and drawers, there is no need to pack these items away. But don’t stop with bookshelves and drawers. Maybe you have some cosmetics you want to cling film and keep inside a holder? 

6. Extra Protection For Certain Items 

Are you scared the champagne flutes you have in your collection will not arrive alive? If this is the case and you have expensive glasses that need to travel with you, put them into socks.

This can help to protect them while you store the glasses in some free wine boxes you pick up at the supermarket. The wine boxes are perfect for this specific situation, and they are useful if you want to store the glasses for a while. 

7. Use The Right Approach When You Unpack 

It is natural that you want to get all the boxes unpacked the moment you get into your new place. But you are only going to overwhelm yourself by unpacking stuff you don’t really need at that point.

For instance, unpacking the boxes in the kitchen is the best place to start.

From there, unpack the bedrooms. Now you can eat and sleep with comfort while the rest of the boxes get unpacked. And if you stay organized from the start, you can definitely limit the frustration associated with moving.