Things You Could Be Doing in Your Office That Attract Termites

By  //  February 12, 2020

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Termites are winged insects that are known for their ability to wreak havoc and structural damage that almost no other insect can compare to.

Termites are winged insects that are known for their ability to wreak havoc and structural damage that almost no other insect can compare to.

These insects live in colonies and they are popular for their insatiable appetite. They get their nutrition from cellulose, which is a very abundant organic fiber that is in plants and wood.

This doesn’t mean that they only eat wood and plants, but they can even eat plastic, paper, and drywall. While there are some differences between different species of termites, they all can cause great damage to not just your home but also the office.

It’s quite hard to know that you have a termite infestation or a colony in your building until the damage is severe. It’s important to be able to identify termites and what they are like to be able to combat them and protect your office from being devoured.

Infestation Signs

Acquiring some knowledge about the symptoms of a termite infestation is quite helpful to be able to get rid of it in time before they do a lot of damage.

Depending on the stage of their lifecycle, you can identify different classes and types of termites. Keep in mind that termites have varying life cycles and their colonies usually take a few years before they start producing different classes. All termites share some basic signs that can give away that you have an infestation.

Finding them won’t be easy just because they eat wood, as they can take their sweet time eating it from the inside before the outside.

Hollow and buckled wood is a pretty unmissable sign for either termites or water damage. Bubbles in your paint can also be a good indicator.

You can visually check for signs of termites by looking for mud tubes outside as termites tend to travel a lot and these tubes can be visible if the time is right.

Common species of termites leave droplets with distinct colors. If you stumble upon some wings, this means that the termites have started mating and have occupied the space.

The following are the things that are happening right now in your office building that are actually increasing the risk of a termite infestation:

Stacking Wood Near the Office Building

If your office is near a forest or a natural landscape, odds are that there are some woodpiles around the building. This is quite dangerous as they can attract termites from great distances to feast on them.

The real problem starts after they’re done and are looking for a new place, which will most likely be the closest building. If it’s possible, try your best to keep any woodpiles around the building away and off the ground to avoid attracting termites.

Not Keeping Moist Away

There are certain species of termites that have bodies accustomed to wetness as they can dry easily and focus on getting wet or moist wood as it’s easier to digest.

They can build underground mud channels that help them avoid staying in the open. They usually target moist soil that can help them stay as close as possible to their targeted sites.

The recommended solution would be to reduce as much moisture as possible from around the building by fixing leaks, grading soil, and avoiding placing plants near the foundation of the ground.

Allowing Mulch to Spread in the Building’s Foundation

Since mulch is used to help soil to keep its moisture and nutrients, termites view it as a great target. It’s recommended to ensure that the mulch is as far as possible from the foundation of the building and to keep an eye on it in case of an infestation.

You can deprive termites of this source by using a different type of mulch called rubber mulch which doesn’t contain what they’re looking for.

The termites aren’t very active in winters and avoid getting out of the soil. If they can stumble upon areas, heated by mulch during winter, they’ll attack relentlessly until they get inside your office.

Ignoring Gutter Drainage Issues

Not taking care of the gutter drainage in your office is like an invitation for termites as gutter drainages are perfect environments for them.

A well-maintained drainage system removes excess water from the roof, ice dams, and, in turn, termites. Since improperly maintained gutters keep collecting twigs, leaves, and other little pieces of wood while increasing their moisture, they become a ground for termites.

It’s recommended that the drainage system is regularly checked to make sure it’s not clogged.

It’s always advised to seek professional help when you’re dealing with a termite infestation as those things can be quite tricky to deal with.

The termites’ ability to consume wood at such a quick rate makes them the enemy of any home or office building. As long as you keep an eye out for their signs and what they’re attracted to, you should be able to catch them in time.