Camping Gear You Need To Have For Emergencies

By  //  March 30, 2020

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For those of us that love exploring the outdoors, we know how important it is to have emergency items that come in handy when you get yourself in an unexpected situation.

Things like first aid kits, fire starters, extra food and water, utility knives can be the difference between life and death out in the wilderness.

Buying essential emergency camping gear can come in handy when a natural disaster occurs such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or health pandemic.

It is important you are prepared for emergency disasters where there is a level of uncertainty if the power goes out, your phone does not work or the roads are not drivable.

With some extra planning, one might be able to put an emergency kit out of their camping gear that will have them ready for most emergency situations. 


A multi-tool like a swiss army knife has many tools useful for emergencies in one piece. These tools are small enough to fit into your pockets or backpack and strong enough to last you a very long time.

Most multi-tools include knives, pliers, bolt grips, wire strippers, wire cutters, spring-action scissors, bottle openers, can openers, pry tool, awl, saw, rulers, wood or metal files, and various screwdrivers.

With so many options packed into a small object, it could come in handy on camping trips or in emergencies.  

Make sure you check this guide reviewing best multitools for backpacking.

Water Filtration Jug

Having a large jug that you can carry water for yourself is an absolute necessity in emergency situations. A lot of jugs are made with specific filtration systems, such as ultraviolet filtration, which requires no energy and is very useful for refilling fresh water from a creek or lake in emergency situations. 

First Aid Kit

Having access to medical supplies to treat minor injuries and prevent things like open wounds from opening or getting infected is a must-have for all camping trips or emergency situations. Besides the obvious, such as disinfectant, bandages, and scissors,

It is important that the right medications such as Tylenol or some form of general antibiotic is also included in your first aid kit.


All emergency camping gear should be stored on one designated spot that you can quickly grab and go. Thus, it is very important that you have a manageable backpack that is durable, rugged, and waterproof.

It is important that the bags have a flex vent suspension system for back support when carrying heavy loads over long distances.

According to the experts from, these choices of backpacks are more durable and easier on your back and at the same time have a lot of storage room.

Backpacks from known outdoor brands such as North Face, Arcteryx, Black Diamond, Camelbak, and Osprey manufacture durable backpacks that fit all camping criteria. 

Backup Battery

Always keeping a charged battery with you is a must if the power goes out and you want to keep using your electronics such as radio, smartphones, or GPS systems.

Portable power devices vary from very small phone chargers that can give a boost to your phone for up to 12 hours to portable generators that can power major appliances.

Having batteries is important to ensure that you are updated with all news, if the power grid goes down. A solar charger that can charge your electronics when the grid is down is also a piece of essential equipment for when your battery pack dies.

The government might be giving out important information on the radio that may help you endure a natural disaster or seek further help in unprecedented circumstances.  

Fire Starting Equipment

Storing some fuel that can be used for starting a fire is a life-saving option in case of emergency disasters. Not only can a fire keep you warm on those cold nights, but it can also be used for cooking, warming up food, and keeping other animals away from you.

It is also important that you have a box of matches and a firestarter that will ignite whatever wood you can gather around. 

Sleeping Bag

Having a sleeping bag is a must in all emergency disasters that leave one without proper shelter. Sleeping bags are manufactured to be like large blankets that can properly seal to provide a comfortable shelter from the cold outside environment.

Sleeping bags are good because they are lightweight and can be easily rolled or folded and carried with you everywhere. 

In summary, being well prepared for an emergency disaster by having the right camping gear makes an unpredictable situation into a more controllable one.

It is important to maintain your emergency kit by removing expired medicine or replacing depleted items. Being proactive for an emergency kit can be the difference between life and death.