Choosing the Best Lingerie to Fit the Occasion

By  //  March 8, 2020

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Lingerie is more than just your basic undergarment. Originally representing a status symbol, lingerie has long been regarded as an indulgence for the finer things in life.

It is often made of delicate fabric like soft cotton, silk, and lace to evoke the feeling of femininity and gracefulness.

Unlike the basic underwear you wear every day, lingerie is often made for special occasions or whenever you want to feel confident and sensuous.

Whether you want to pamper yourself, redefine your curves and highlight your best features or spice things up in the bedroom, investing in high-quality lingerie is very important. Planning to purchase your first lingerie soon? 

Check out this guide to help you pick out the best lingerie for every occasion.

Nighttime Essentials

If you want to look sweet and naughty before bed, chemises and camisoles are perfect for you. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also very chic and stylish.

Camisoles are often made of sheer fabric ranging from lace and mesh. Chemises, on the other hand, are short dresses that you can easily slip into. Both are not as bold or over-the-top as other lingerie items so if it is your first time exploring the world of lingerie, camisoles and chemises are your best bet.

Everyday Wear

Times have changed! You no longer need to mark your calendar when you can wear a special set of lingerie. If you want to feel confident and fabulous every day, there are already comfortable types of underwear designed for daily use.

A matching lingerie set is a no-brainer and is the most convenient type of lingerie you can wear every day to feel sexy in your own skin.

Feel free to mix and match with different types of designs. If you are trying to avoid visible panty lines, you can wear a thong. For women with an hourglass shape, you can even opt to wear high cut briefs to accentuate your legs and thighs.

From Day to Night

If you want to look all glammed up during the day and easily switch to playtime mode in the bedroom, a bodysuit is a great choice.

They are flexible and can easily be worn as part of your outfit during the day. Bodysuits should be body-hugging, so you have to make sure to get the right fit when you are shopping for one.

Manufacturers from advise shoppers to double-check their size on a size chart to get the most body-flattering bodysuit. If you want to be more adventurous, you can opt for a teddy instead. A teddy is a fusion of your cami and bra which is sheerer than your average bodysuit.  

Date Night

If you want to show off your best features on your date night, you can wear a corset or a bustier. Although these terms are interchanged often, a corset and a bustier are completely different things.

A corset reduces the size of your waist for an hourglass figure and hides unwanted bulges.

On the other hand, a bustier works like a push-up bra to make your breasts look fuller and well-rounded. Choosing between the two depends on which feature you would like to enhance.

It is also best to keep in mind that corsets can be confining so if you want something more flexible, a bustier is a better choice.

On a Holiday

For a total-knockout that will certainly impress your partner, an elegant negligee will definitely work its charm. Negligees are often made of lightweight and flimsy material and can vary in length.

If you want to look elegant without being too exposed, a negligee is definitely a good choice. You can wear them open or with a belt to accentuate your waist. Pack this in your suitcase on your next holiday to wow your partner. 

Your Anniversary

Celebrate another milestone with your loved one by wearing a suspender belt over your favorite lingerie set. This can definitely add some spice in the bedroom.

A suspender belt is sultry, sexy, and adds an element of depth and dimension to a simple lingerie set. It is normally clipped to the waist or above the panties and holds on to your stockings.

If you want to emphasize your lovely thighs and legs, a suspender belt can definitely help you achieve that.

The key to finding the best lingerie that works for you, taking into consideration your comfort and style preference. Above all, choosing the perfect lingerie is a personal choice, so feel free to pick out the one that you feel the happiest and most confident in.