Crazy Things Elders Do During Retirement

By  //  March 23, 2020

After years of working hard and going to the office day in and out, you have all retirement for yourself. Retirement, just like any other stage in life, comes with its perks and challenges. Some of the challenges of being retired include finding things to do. But who does not like to have fun? You certainly do.

In this article, we discuss some crazy ideas that you can incorporate into your life for fun. Read on for more.

Go Bungee Jumping

Did you know people as old as 95 have safely bungee jumped before? Bungee jumping is one of the activities that spikes up the adrenaline, even for young people. Taking this plunge could usher you into a world of fun and excitement as you have never known it before. It could also help you conquer your fear of heights, but who knows, you might enjoy it so much and make it a habit.

However, many others are scared to jump, and many shivers out of fear once they take off. If you’re one of these people, you may want to try bungee jumping workout instead.

According to an article posted on exercising is much needed for the elderly people, and bungee fitness is one of the best ways to work out your body while having some crazy fun at the same time. We are all about the crazy things in life, so you should give it a try.

Learn an Uninteresting Hobby

You may be wondering what an uninteresting hobby is, and that is allowed. Think of it this way. A dull hobby is one that is not mainstream. Swimming, playing chess, traveling, listening to music, and playing sports are all examples of mainstream, exciting hobbies.

However, taking photos of train stations, rock hunting, reading the same story several times, and recording the different perceptions you get each time and collecting traffic cones are examples of boring or uninteresting hobbies that you could engage in. You may break a Guinness world record while at it.

Party like a Teenager

Gather up a group of your friends and throw the ultimate party that you could not have growing up. Get ready for the party with your girlfriends (or the guys), wear a sexy dress and heels, and carry the disposable camera with you because you are going to make some memories. Carry your sass with you because you will need it for the party.

Enjoy drinking from the plastic cups, and when the alcohol runs out, do some shots of whiskey and make just enough noise, so your neighbors do not have to call the police. The best part of partying when you are a grown-up is that there are no parents to be afraid of. Share some snacks and live the life of a teenager in your old age.

Try a Pub Crawl

Retirement is a time to have fun and make merry, so why don’t you gather your friends and organize a pub crawl? Pub crawling is an excellent way to enjoy the night. However, do not get caught up in all the drinking and forget to take care of yourself.

While trying out pub crawling, it’s wise to consider having a sober driver around and also observe your drinking limit. During retirement, you may also not be able to handle the alcohol capacity like you would while in your 20s.

Seven Wonders of the World

As a retiree, the days of excitement are probably long gone from your life. However, boredom should not be the order of the day. If you feel like your life is pretty much the same day in and out, it might be the time to pack some bags and start moving.

Commit yourself to see all the world’s wonders in a week or two. You should do it in a week, but leaving an extra day’s allowance is ideal just in case you fall in love with a particular place. It is a good idea to start as soon as possible because if you do not, the wonders might just remain that-wonders.

Break a Guinness World Record with Your Friends (Or Make an Attempt)

In one of the above ideas, we hinted about the possibility of breaking world records. But what if you and your friends made a run for it? You can spend time going through the Guinness book of world records, then attempting to break one of the files as a group.

There is no perfect way to stand out among retirees than being a world record holder. If you do not manage to break a record, at least you will come close, and you will have had your crazy fun.

Retirement does not have to be a boring time. If you have not had any crazy fun in years, then this would be a good time as any. Try any of the ideas we have on the list for the best time of your life.